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Protecting Company Time with Employee Cell Phone and PC Monitoring 

Did you know that one of the largest losses of revenue for businesses comes from inappropriate use of time by employees? It’s no wonder that the business of employee monitoring is booming. Employers are well within their rights to ensure that their employees are doing what they’re supposed to be doing while they’re on the clock, but it is important to conduct this kind of surveillance legally and in an ethical manner, to avoid potential lawsuits.

The BrickHouse Security team has created a collection of learning articles designed to educate business owners and managers on the finer details surrounding the world of employee monitoring. Before you begin tracking your employees’ movements, internet usage, cell phone usage, etc., it’s important for you to be up to speed on the legalities surrounding this issue and to gain a better grasp of the best practices for doing so. After all, employee monitoring is an aspect of ensuring your business’s productivity and profit, so understanding the legal ramifications and ethics of monitoring is also critical to your company’s well-being.