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As a leader in the security industry, BrickHouse is proud to be trusted by thousands of law enforcement agencies and over 600,000 customers, both in the public and private sector.

Counter Surveillance Tools Designed for Security

Protecting your information and privacy is easy to do with the right counter surveillance tools for the job. We carry counter surveillance tools designed to meet a wide range of security needs, from camera lens detectors which can help you determine if someone is watching you from a hidden camera to RF detectors which can find and identify unauthorized signals from hidden surveillance tools.

The security experts at BrickHouse Security are committed to helping our customers choose the most appropriate security tools for your corporate or personal needs. No matter what level of security you are seeking, we can help you find the right counter surveillance tools for the job. We invite you to contact us directly if you have questions or need assistance making the best choice for your security. We’re here for you when you need to know!

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“I've read reviews on the personal multi-bug detector and it seems to be the best on the market in its price range”

Dennis M.

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Mary L.

“I have ordered several products from Brickhouse Security. They have always arrived quickly and work as described. Customer service is great.”

Kris L.

“The online chat was helpful, and answered all of my crazy questions! It made the buying experience easy to complete. ”

Charles H.

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Camera Detectors Make Sure No One’s Watching

Hidden camera detectors are an easy, effective way to spot video recording devices, even when they’re powered off. Choose laser finder models or RF detectors to help you avoid unlawful surveillance. Most camera detectors are portable, allowing you to use them in dressing rooms, public restrooms, locker rooms or anywhere your privacy is at risk.

Cell Phone Detectors Find the Devices You Don’t See

Cell phone functionality has gotten more sophisticated - and so has the opportunity to use that functionality for illicit purposes. Employing advanced RF scanning technology, cell phone detectors alert you to the presence of any phone within proximity. These compact devices are ideal for detecting unauthorized phone usage in prisons or government institutions, in the workplace, or for personal privacy.

Bug Detectors Stop Spies in Their Tracks

Whether you're at home or at the office, keeping private conversations private is always a high priority. BrickHouse bug detectors ensure that your communications stay between the intended parties. Wide-band RF detectors can uncover bugs big and small, allowing you to conduct your affairs without worrying that your conversations are being monitored.

GPS Detectors Alert You to Unauthorized Tracking

Easily identify and locate tracking devices with BrickHouse's powerful arsenal of GPS detectors. Whether you're worried about criminals tracking a shipment of goods, or you're concerned for your own safety, knowing if you’re being tracked by a GPS device is essential to your professional and personal privacy.

Protect Your Identity with RFID-Blocking Accessories

These days, thieves don't even need to steal your wallet to compromise your privacy. Using RFID scanning, criminals can gather personal information from your credit cards, driver’s license, passport or cell phone. By shielding your possessions in RFID-blocking wallets and cases, you stay a step ahead of the identity theft curve.