Night Vision Hidden Cameras
for 24-Hour Security

Monitor your home or office in any lighting conditions with a night vision hidden camera from BrickHouse Security. Choose an entire night vision security camera system, or simply add a camera capable of recording in total darkness to your existing surveillance setup. Complete night vision camera systems include DVRs so you can monitor your property from one central location. Keep your property secure in light or darkness with a night vision security camera.

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BrickHouse Security offers a wide range of covert security cameras, many of which have night vision for capturing footage even in complete darkness. These hidden cameras can be added to an existing wired or wireless security camera system, offering you coverage in any lighting condition. These cameras are excellent options where you need security monitoring but have poor or inconsistent lighting conditions, such as on a driveway, in a garage, or in a basement. The covert night vision camera can be connected to your CCTV DVR to record in even the darkest spots of your home or business. Our covert cameras are often disguised as regular household items such as clocks, wrist watches, rocks, bird feeders, or plain black boxes, allowing you to hide your security camera in plain sight!