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    Covert cam with an adjustable lens hides in plain sight in your home or office

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    Covert cam with an adjustable lens hides in plain sight in your home or office

Common Uses for Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras have a variety of uses, whether to allow homeowners to monitor their property and integrity of their in-house workers while they’re away, to enable business owners to keep tabs on who is coming and going at the office, or to ensure that existing security systems are not harbouring any blind spots where activities may go unnoticed.

Hidden WiFi cameras are commonly used in spaces where the user doesn’t want anyone to know they are being watched. They may be effective for office managers who suspect that their employees are rifling through their offices when they are away or parents who want to check that their nanny or housekeeper is doing their best work. No matter what your concern is, a hidden camera is a discreet way to watch what’s happening without raising suspicions.

Hidden surveillance cameras may also be used to effectively cover blind spots in existing security systems. For example, if your security cameras can see nearly every area in your retail store or warehouse, but there are dark corners they cannot see, these areas become hotbeds for theft opportunities. Wireless hidden cameras can be placed in these areas to help you catch dishonest employees or customers hiding merchandise for later retrieval and theft.

Hidden cameras may also come with various features, including remote viewing capabilities, motion detection alerts, high quality night vision, real-time audio recording, and more, to ensure that you never miss a beat of what happens on your property while you’re away.

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Camscura - Our Most Versatile Black Box Hidden Cameras

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Add Hidden Cams to Your Existing CCTV System

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Wearable Cameras Equal Hands-Free Video

Hidden in glasses, hats, and buttons, wearable body cameras are the best way to record covert video on the go. Perfect for secret shoppers, extreme sports athletes looking to document their adventures, or recording everyday events, these versatile hidden cameras capture everything you see from your unique point of view.

Get the Right Angle with Smoke Detector Cams

Most hidden spy cameras rest on a shelf or a desk or hang on a wall. What sets smoke detector hidden cameras apart is their location; with a wide viewing angle and ceiling mount, these covert cameras cover a much wider area of surveillance. And, because they fit in anywhere, they're perfect for both home and business monitoring.

Hidden Cameras for Retail Loss Prevention

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