Should I Feel Guilty for Tracking a Loved One?

Using GPS tracking devices to ensure the safety of those you love

With the help of GPS tracking, you can accomplish a lot: provide protection for others, navigate fleet routing, and prevent accidents from occurring.

As technology continues to advance, many debate the pros and cons of using such devices. For this reason, it is important to understand relevant laws, protocols, and restrictions prior to using GPS tracking devices.

Using GPS Tracking To Monitor Your Kid’s Safety

As a parent, your worst fear is letting something bad happen to your child.

There are many different approaches parents can take to try and ensure their kid’s safety. One great way to keep open communication with your child is by providing them with a cell phone and asking that they check-in regularly. Of course, it’s easy for kids to forget to call or say that they’re one place when they’re really somewhere else.

A large part of keeping a child safe is being able to know how to find them in case of an emergency. The use of tracking devices allows parents to locate their kid immediately if needed.

At first, your kid might hate this idea. Try talking to them about how it will help build your trust in them and provide adult supervision without having to be physically around. Tracking devices can help parents feel better about their child going to the mall, movies, or walking to school.

Before installing a GPS tracker on the family vehicle or stashing one in your kid’s backpack, talk with them first. Take time to explain the reasons why you want to use this device and how it can benefit both them and you. It is important to have open communication so that they don’t feel like their personal space is being invaded.

Using GPS Tracking To Help Older Loved Ones

Older seniors, especially those with disabilities, are more prone to injury. Depending on their conditions and mobility, they may slip and fall or become disoriented and get lost. Because of these timeless facts, there have been many devices designed to help keep the elderly safe.

By using a GPS tracking device, family members are able to quickly locate each other through the tracking system. The tracker helps you monitor the current location of the person in need, sending help quickly.

For these reasons, GPS tracking can be beneficial for the safety of more than just your children or elderly family members — it can also be helpful for the safety of your spouse. Again, it’s important that everyone’s on the same page and that GPS tracking is not done in secret.

Final Thoughts: Find Peace of Mind With GPS Tracking

For over ten years, BrickHouse Security has been working with businesses and individuals to help give them peace of mind: peace of mind from worrying about an elderly family member with dementia driving off and getting lost; peace of mind from worrying about their child sneaking out with the car and ending up on the side of the road with a flat tire at 2 am.

If you’re ready to talk next steps, give us a call and talk with one of our security experts.