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GPS devices used for vehicle tracking come with a wide range of features and functions, ensuring that no matter what your need, there’s a device available that will help you. GPS trackers are designed to allow you to track the location and movements of any vehicle or asset you own, monitoring where it’s parked, how fast it’s moving, where it’s been, and more. Customizable history reports can be generated to provide you with the level of detail you desire. Vehicle tracking is designed to help you monitor the movements of vehicles you own and can be used to monitor and protect your family members, employees, personal vehicles, and business fleets. Devices may be portable, hardwired, or plugged into the OBD port, giving you the flexibility to choose the functionality that best suits the needs of your family or company. 

Choosing the right GPS tracker for your needs is simple with the wide variety of features and options available. It’s important to first consider what you’re hoping to achieve with your tracking and which features will be most valuable to you. You may find that you need a hardwired GPS tracker that requires little to no maintenance, or you may discover that you prefer a portable, rechargeable device that can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle. When it comes to the BrickHouse Security GPS tracking platform, we offer access to the same platform across all devices, ensuring that you have the ability to track everything you own, all from one convenient location. This enables you to see your fleet of company vehicles or family vehicles at a glance. Your personal dashboard is customizable, allowing you to select which notifications you want to receive, as well as when and where they’ll be sent. When you purchase a GPS tracking device from BrickHouse Security, you receive more than the device, you also get a user-friendly tracking platform, smartphone app for iOS and Android, and lifetime customer support from our friendly and knowledgeable team.  


  • BrickHouse Security’s Livewire Volt Vehicle GPS Tracker is simple to install, easy to stow in a covert location, and transmits accurate location data over the 4G network without ever needing a recharge. Livewire Volt Vehicle GPS Tracker

    Vehicle-powered GPS tracker is inconspicuously hardwired to avoid everyday detection

    Free 2-Day Shipping

    Vehicle-powered GPS tracker is inconspicuously hardwired to avoid everyday detection

  • 140-Day Magnetic GPS Tracker 140-Day Magnetic GPS Tracker

    "Slap and Track" GPS Tracker lasts 140 days with our extended battery.

    Free 2-Day Shipping

    "Slap and Track" GPS Tracker lasts 140 days with our extended battery.

  • Livewire Dash GPS Vehicle Tracker Livewire Dash GPS Vehicle Tracker

    Vehicle-powered GPS tracker is hardwired to avoid detection by drivers

    Free 2-Day Shipping

    Vehicle-powered GPS tracker is hardwired to avoid detection by drivers

GPS Tracker for car

GPS tracking devices for cars are becoming more popular and valuable. They give you peace of mind, and as technology advances, users can enjoy newer and better benefits.

Here is an overview of the benefits of using GPS for cars:

  • Vehicle Security: Car tracking devices offer owners real time GPS location data. This is exceptionally valuable in the event of a vehicle theft, as it can enable authorities to recover the missing vehicle quickly. Additional features of vehicle trackers can also offer a range of other benefits. 
  • Fleet Management: Business owners who wish to monitor their employees and business assets consider a Car tracker device an indispensable tool. The data insights provided can also help managers monitor driver behaviour for better team management. 
  • Maintenance Monitoring: Vehicle tracking devices provide deep insights into vehicle needs, such as maintenance schedules or upcoming maintenance requirements due to driver behaviour. This tool is great for fleet managers who want to prioritise maintenance scheduling to reduce unexpected downtime. 
  • Asset Tracking: GPS trackers can also be used beyond vehicles to monitor the location and movement of valuable assets and minimise loss and theft. 
  • Insurance Benefits: Some insurance companies offer discounts and rebates for drivers who install GPS tracking tools in their vehicles, assuring them of safe driving habits.  
  • Emergency Response: In case of accidents or emergencies, GPS tracking can be crucial in quickly locating the vehicle and dispatching emergency services to the location of the incident, potentially saving lives. 

Understanding Car GPS Trackers

A GPS tracker is a device that utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine and record its precise location accurately and provide GPS navigation. It works by receiving signals from satellites orbiting the Earth and triangulating the device’s relative position. 

GPS trackers come in various forms, including standalone units that can be attached to vehicles, assets, or individuals or integrated systems that are used in conjunction with other electronic devices, like smartphones. 

The location data collected can then be accessed through an app or website. GPS trackers are widely used for vehicle tracking, fleet management, personal safety, asset tracking, outdoor recreation, pet monitoring, and more. 

Some key features of GPS trackers include: 

  • Real Time Tracking Information
  • Geofencing
  • Historical Route Playback
  • SOS Button
  • Versatile Mounting Options
  • Battery Life
  • Compatibility with Integrated Systems
  • User-Friendly Apps and Interfaces

There are many benefits to using GPS trackers for various personal and business applications. Some of these may be:

Personal Safety for Families:

  • Teen Safety and Monitor: Parents can monitor their teen drivers' locations in reliable real time tracking and receive alerts if they wander beyond predetermined boundaries, called geofences.
  • Elderly Safety and Monitor: GPS trackers can help families keep track of elderly drivers, especially if they struggle with health issues like dementia which can affect their safety and well-being. 

GPS tracking for Businesses: 

  • Fleet Management: Fleet managers can use GPS tracking to optimize routing, monitor driver behaviour, improve fuel efficiency, and more, leading to cost savings and increased productivity. 
  • Asset Tracking: Companies can use tracking tools to monitor the locations of assets and valuable equipment in the field and on the move. 
  • Employee Safety: Workers in the field, especially those who operate solo, can be monitored by dispatch for quick deployment of assistance in cases of emergency. 

Choosing the Best GPS Tracker for Car

When choosing the best GPS tracker for your vehicle, there are so many styles on the market that it can become challenging to weigh your options. One of the biggest differentiators is whether or not there are monthly subscription fees. Some brands charge fees, but the hardware is often more affordable, whereas trackers that do not include subscription fees usually have a higher up-front cost at purchase. 

Subscription Services

Why choose a device that includes a monthly fee subscription service? Often, these devices have better functionality because the user is paying for the service, network upkeep, and ongoing customer support. 

Applications for GPS Tracking 

Choosing the right GPS tracker depends on your specific needs. You may select different trackers depending on whether you are using them to monitor teen drivers, or elderly drivers or protect and maintain a fleet of delivery vehicles. 

Technical Considerations

When choosing the right tracker for your needs, consider the technical specifications that are indispensable for your application instead of those that would be unnecessary. 

For example, if you are using a tracker to monitor an elderly relative, you would want to purchase a device that offers an SOS button that can be pressed in the event of a fall.

However, that same feature would not be needed for pet tracking as your pet would not be able to push a button to alert you of a need. Instead, if you have an elderly pet, for example, that is prone to wander, you may want a tracker that monitors their vitals and sends you updates about emergencies.

Other technical specs you might want to assess are: 

  • Real time tracking
  • Geofencing
  • App integration
  • 4G LTE capabilities
  • Obd ii port (If You need)

Advanced Features of GPS Trackers

GPS vehicle trackers come in a variety of form factors to ensure that you get the right tool for the job.

You may need to select a hidden and discreet tracker to ensure that it isn’t tampered with in the event of a theft, purchasing one of the more compact powerful trackers on the market like BrickHouse Security’s Spark Nano 7. For tracking that takes you out into the wild, you may want to select a waterproof device or magnetic mount to ensure that your tracker stays put, even in inclement weather.

Additional features of GPS trackers that can benefit you include functions like geofences and real-time alerts. These features allow you to monitor the tracker's whereabouts and movements without requiring you to sit in front of your computer or phone, watching in reliable real time location tracking. You can also program the mobile app to notify you when certain events take place. 

Installation and Maintenance

While installing a GPS vehicle tracker will be slightly different based on the vehicle and the tracker, these are the primary steps to follow: 

  • Select the location of the tracker. This should be near enough to the power source, if necessary, hidden from view if discretion is your goal, and positioned so that the device does not need to operate through multiple materials to obtain a signal. 
  • Prepare the area by ensuring you have a mounting location where the device fits and can run the necessary wiring. 
  • Complete the installation by attaching the mount and hardwiring the device according to the manufacturer’s instructions, if applicable. 
  • Test the device to ensure you get a good signal and that location reporting is functional and accurate. 
  • Secure any remaining loose ends, such as wires, once you have verified that the device is functioning in its new home. 

Not comfortable installing the device yourself? You can also hire a professional to do the installation for you. We recommend contacting a local mechanic or checking with the manufacturer of your device for recommended installers. 

Once your device is installed properly, maintenance may include periodic diagnostics to ensure that it is functioning optimally, checking for loose wires or poor connections, and making sure that the device’s mount is secure. 

Maximizing Benefits 

Are you wondering how to maximize your benefits with GPS tracking? Equipping your car with GPS can help reduce insurance costs by providing real-time data on vehicle location, enabling insurers to assess risk more accurately. GPS tracking also facilitates theft prevention and recovery by allowing owners and authorities to track stolen vehicles, increasing the likelihood of swift recovery and reducing loss for insurers. 


Choosing the right GPS tracker is crucial. To maximize its benefits, consider your vehicle’s specific needs and which features will provide the most benefits. Take the time to carefully evaluate your options, and if you have questions or would like guidance, our team is always available to help with your investment decisions. 

Did You Know

Understanding how vehicle tracking works is an important first step for GPS tracking users. If you have questions about how GPS trackers work, where they should be placed, what the legalities are of using them, etc., our GPS learning center is your best source of information as we have curated our learning articles around actual questions we’ve been asked by our customers.

It’s important to us that our customers are educated in order to get the most out of every purchase made. Below we’ve provided several articles specifically about vehicle tracking that should answer your most pressing questions about placement, legal ramifications, geofencing, and more:

If you are still in need of more information, rest assured that at BrickHouse Security, we believe that knowledge is power, and we are here to help. Our customer support team is available during business hours to answer your questions and provide walk-through support if you need help troubleshooting a problem, customizing your user platform, etc.

You can also visit our help center to search for your specific device or issue and learn more about managing your own devices and platform.

Whatever your needs, we’re committed to providing confidential education and support to our customers to ensure that you’re able to get the most out of your GPS purchase. At BrickHouse Security, we are firm believers that knowledge is power, and we make every effort to provide our customers with the knowledge and skills they need to get the job done. We are always available to provide support and guidance when it comes to using and troubleshooting your GPS devices.