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You can instantly find out how fast your
teen is driving from any smartphone
or computer
The sky-tech behind GPS tracking devices:
How do today's trackers deliver
location information?
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Get an automatic text or email the moment
your daughter leaves her school

Know instantly where your 5th-grader went and when she got home.
It's incredibly easy to create a Geofence. Read More

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Know your baby or elderly relative
is safe with their caregiver

Affordable, easy-to-use nanny cams let you make sure all your
family members are protected. Read More

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Recover your teen's deleted
text messages and chats

Is your teenager putting himself in danger online or texting
inappropriately? Here's how to find out. Read More

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Is the newest driver in your family
being responsible behind the wheel?

How one family got the reassurance they needed
with real-time GPS tracking

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