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BrickHouse Security has been a trusted business and corporate security solutions provider for corporate professionals since 2005.

For more than 15 years, BrickHouse Security has earned the trust of directors of security, security managers, CSOs, COOs, and many others with a stake in business monitoring and protection.Through the expertise of our dedicated support team and a wide range of exclusive solutions from GPS trackers, mobile video monitoring, counter surveillance and much more, we distinguish ourselves from the competition. Find out what over 400 Fortune 500 companies and over 40,000 small businesses already know: BrickHouse's business is business and corporate security solutions.

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“Used you in past, quality service and products. Would highly recommend your products as durable and long lasting for the value.”

James L.

“What BHS offers is bar none, the best around. Not just the tracking but the other products I have purchased from them as well. Mini cams, recorders, etc.”


“Easy installation and works great. Using it for our Company truck while it is on the road. Vehicle is easily tracked at any time.”

Technical Surveillance Sciences

“Great Products, Fast delivery, Wonderful Customer Service. Everything I've purchased has worked as advertised.”


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Empower Investigators With Mobile, Covert Video

BrickHouse Security specializes in the tools investigators need to record and view covert video on the go. Choose from dozens of wireless cameras with unique enclosures and outfit a property indoors and out with covert surveillance options. By monitoring every aspect of a business, professional investigators and security managers are able to protect property from vandalism, break-ins, theft, and more. Covert recorders can also be used to monitor employee areas to crack down on employee theft and organized retail crime. Check in from anywhere right from your phone using exclusive, intuitive apps and always have a lifeline to your business.

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Counter Surveillance Solutions Ensure Privacy

Protecting company information is a cornerstone of any corporate security strategy. At BrickHouse Security, we specialize in counter surveillance solutions built to ensure privacy in the boardroom. From RF scanners and bug detectors to camera lens finders and noise generators, our assortment of counter surveillance tools identifies any potential listening devices and proactively blocks them from recording or transmitting any sensitive information. Keep private conversations private and crack down on corporate espionage with counter surveillance solutions from BrickHouse Security

GPS Tracking Protects Fleets, People & Assets

As an industry leader in GPS tracking, BrickHouse Security specializes in every type of tracker technology. Choose from professional-grade hardwired trackers for live monitoring vehicle fleets of all sizes. Or, select small, battery-powered devices that can be used to track assets in real-time. With a wide selection of trackers, all supported by the reliable Verizon network as well as BrickHouse's exclusive GPS platform, you're guaranteed the best service in the business. Receive live alerts based on motion and speed, detailed reports of vehicle activity, custom geofence alerts based on map zones you set up, and much more. And, with both domestic and international tracking options as well as satellite trackers available, no matter where in the world your assets are, there is a tracking solution suited to keep you in the know.

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“I ordered a complete new system for my business (replacing old outdated system). This included a new NVR and 23 cameras. The system itself was very user friendly and easy to install. The sales associate that helped with the purchase was very knowledgeable and if he did not know the answer he went above and beyond to get the correct answer (with their technical staff or call the manufacturer). Excellent company to deal with! Will definitely do business with again!” -- Satisfied BrickHouse Security Customer


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