Are You Being Watched?

Lone Worker Protection

Does your company have the tools to protect your lone workers?

BrickHouse Security will assemble a customized solution for the Lone Workers in your organization. We carry 4G GPS and Emergency Alert devices and services for Lone Workers in the Field. Call (855) 457-1245 now to speak to a solutions expert, or request a quote to find out how we can help.

The Case for a Lone Worker System

Security Guards

Security personnel often come into contact with dangerous situations while enforcing rules and require backup.

Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers are always on the road and stop at many homes and businesses without assurance of safety.

Home Care Providers

Visiting nurses, occupational therapists, and social workers often traveling to unsafe or risky home environments.

Repair Technicians

Service providers are constantly on the move and do their work at residences and businesses

Real Estate Agents

Agents travel alone to occupied and unoccupied homes in neighborhoods of varying degrees of safety.

Door-to-Door Salespeople

Many businesses build solid relationships by having reps walk door-to-door, an effective practice with a variety of risks.

Peace of Mind Knowing Lone Workers Are Monitored 24/7/365

Our customizable lone worker GPS location and emergency alert system is designed to provide protection for your employees working in remote locations. Employees at risk can create liabilities for employers, and an emergency alert system helps to mitigate those concerns with the assurance of emergency preparedness.

When it comes to employee safety, lone workers out in the field or on-the-go are more vulnerable to danger and harder for employers and managers to keep safe. Whether lone workers or traveling employees are in urban or rural environments, their individual risk profiles will indicate their particular needs. The BrickHouse Security team can customize a security solution to help you ensure that your workers in the field always have an emergency support system in place, no matter where they are.

BrickHouse Lone Worker is the ideal solution for any organization to provide to their remote or traveling employees to ensure safety and emergency preparedness. As a fully customizable emergency alert system, it provides lone workers with immediate emergency assistance and provides their employers with peace of mind. BrickHouse Lone Worker comes with the option of our 24/7 monitoring, or you can monitor in-house with our web based platform, giving managers the ability to protect their workers at all times.


The Case for a Lone Worker System

Reduction of Risk for Lone Workers

Reduction of Liability for Employers

Call for Emergency Help Immediately

Tracking Enables More Effective Administration

Fewer Employees Required in the Field

Lifetime Customer Support

The BrickHouse Lone Worker alert systems come with lifetime customer support and the latest 4G hardware. Our knowledgable sales staff will help you customize a lone worker system to your exact business needs.

Secure web-based platform
  • Monitor employee status in the field
  • Get alerts for potential problems
  • Add optional 24/7/365 professional monitoring or monitor with your own staff
BrickHouse Lone Worker
  • Small Rugged Cellular device
  • Simple panic button
  • Speakerphone for two way voice communication
BrickHouse Phone Tracker (App)
  • Turn any Smartphone into a GPS communicator
  • Digital panic button features
  • Linked to our web-based platform