"Dear Sir,
On the 31st January, 2012, I placed my second order for two car cameras. Today 03 February, 2012 I received a call from a DHL agent in South Africa to come and collect a parcel from BrickHouse Security. You must be the fastest and best organised company that I came across.
Within 3 days from New York, USA to South Africa with DHL must be a world record, WOW. In South Africa I receive parcels usually only after 7 working days. Yes, I will order more from your company. I still have a few items on my list.”

Johannes V.

I wanted to take a moment and bring to your attention the exceptional customer service I have received and continue to receive from the customer service representative Tony. His professional manner and desire to make sure the customer is taken care of is exceptional as well as refreshing. I have been dealing with Tony for some time now on an issue that seemed never to get resolved regarding a covert alarm clock. Tony has more than exceeded what I ever expected. For the actions, attention to detail and care that Tony took towards getting my issues resolved, he is the sole reason for my returned and continued business to BrickHouse Security. I hope that Tony is recognized at your office as an exceptional worker that will do what is required to get the job done no matter what it takes. Any company would be lucky to have an employee like Tony working for them and if he worked for me, I would make sure he knows how valuable he is to the company."

Thank you for your time and please do make sure to thank Tony for everything he has done to take my experience with BrickHouse go from bad to exceptional."

Nick A.

"Dear CEO,
I want to make a compliment for your Sales executive William. He gave me good advice and was very patient in giving me the right attention. I really look forward to receiving my car cameras.
Make sure he gets the appreciation he earns. Good work!"

Mark P.

"When I received the Frequency Finder I ordered, it came with a loosely Korean translated set of instructions that I could not understand. When I called your company I was greeted by an Olivia. This employee shocked me with her knowledge, understanding and helpfulness. It has been more years than I'd care to mention since I've encountered such professionalism and dedication. She had me smiling to myself as we spoke. ( I spent two years in the jungles in Viet Nam, so that is not an easy thing to do ). What a pleasure she was and it says a lot about the company that hired her. I will look at your company first before making anymore security purchases." Sincerely,

Harry R.

"I recently purchased a GPS tracking unit and the device works great. I did experience some issues with the battery and after several attempts to correct the problem we decided to move on and have the unit replaced. The specialist I dealt with, Marsha was a huge help and made the exchange process go smoothly. She definitely knows the product and how to resolve issues. If you’re looking for a really good GPS tracking device and a company to stand behind their product, this is the place!"

Michael K.

"These guys always do what they say, the equipment is superior to all others and they support their products fully. Additionally, they practice very timely shipping as well. Ali is absolutely a great sales assistant."

Mike B.

"I called Tech Support and I spoke to Olivia. She was helpful, patient and very professional. I think she is a great asset to your company. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone to your company."
Thank you,

Anna O.

"Great customer service. They were very helpful. Even after we hung up, they called back to tell me what else they found about my order. I had two packages coming, the scan card in the box was not the one I ordered separately. They even helped me look for some extra parts through other stores. More important to me is that the person I spoke to was fluent in English, intelligent, honest, and cared about what was happening with my order. I recommend this company to all. Thank you"

Jill P.

"Brickhouse security has a gem in Michelle.
She saved the day. She gave me her word that BrickHouse would help me with my purchase problems, and they did. But, it was her that made it happen. If you do not have that kind of staff a business will fail. Mistakes will happen, but correcting them reflects the character of the company. She is the reason I will continue to use BrickHouse Security for my needs. I rarely complain, but when I do ... oohh boy!!! She got my attention then helped me with my problem. I can give no stronger atta’ "person"" than that."


Having an employee like Valentina that is so professional is great! But, to have a manager like Michelle go out of their way to ensure fantastic customers service is absolutely divine. BrickHouse... these two Staff of yours are definitely a keepers... and because of them (especially Michelle) I will spread the good news about the service and be back to purchase some more items!!!


"YES ! , YES ! , YES !
After a few BUMPS in the road….
My widget "finally” safely arrived !!!!
Thanks a bunch…”
Most of ALL, you are the First company I have EVER dealt with that actually had a REAL LIVE PERSON respond to my dilemma…
NOT ONLY THAT….. BUT that person, was happy, attentive, concerned, apologized, and CORRECTED the glitch….. ( go figure… life can be so simple )
Thanks a bunch,”

Earl C.

"Hi my name is Stephanie and I just wanted to let you know how I was helped out really well and I felt confident in buying the product thanks to Ali’s advice. Ali was very helpful and answered all of my questions whenever I had any. Thank you"

Stephanie P.