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Retailers attributed 43% of inventory shrink to employee theft - costing $14.4 billion annually

Hidden Cameras
Cover Your Blind Spots

If you know where your surveillance cameras are, odds are your employees do too. Nearly half of all retail shrinkage is due to employee theft. But there's a solution. BrickHouse Security's hidden cameras are portable, user-friendly, and perfect for covering up blind spots in your store's surveillance system. Choose from multiple camera form factors so you don't tip off employees, or select a nondescript black box hidden camera for completely covert evidence.

Only 1 in 48 retail theft cases are caught; half of those are prosecuted.

Custom GPS Trackers
Never Lose Sight of Big Ticket Items

With expensive inventory, you're more financially vulnerable, even if only a few items go missing. Custom GPS trackers from BrickHouse ensure that your merchandise never loses your sight. Track individual items in real time from the comfort of your PC or smartphone. Bait bottles and boxes provide an easy way to defend against customer and employee shoplifting, as well as large-scale smash-and-grab operations. We provide customizable trackers built for your unique product specifications.

68% of all retail shrink is preventable

Body-Worn Surveillance
Captures Vital Evidence

Organizations attempting to curb retail shrinkage often turn to professional investigators for answers. These investigators turn to body-worn cameras to get the evidence they need. Completely covert, easy-to-use cameras hidden in eyeglasses, hats, pens, and countless other everyday items give investigators the professional tools they need to record video and audio evidence of employees and customers without arousing suspicion.

No Matter the Loss Prevention Problem, There's a Solution

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for answers to hard-to-solve shrinkage problems

Employee Theft

Whether attributable to inadequate employee screening, a lack of drug testing, or a general moral decay in the workplace, employee theft has been on the rise in recent years. Clients have approached BrickHouse looking for ways to monitor breakrooms, POS areas, loading docks, and other surveillance blind spots. Our customizable hidden camera and GPS solutions make it easy to hold employees accountable and decrease shrinkage.


No matter how good your surveillance system is, if a thief makes it his business to shoplift, he will find a way. It's no wonder that it's become a $13 billion industry. And, with more outlets for selling stolen goods, it's never been easier to be a shoplifter. Supplementing your video surveillance with hidden cameras, and custom GPS bait boxes and bottles, you're able to bring offenders to justice quickly and definitively.

Smash & Grab Operations

It’s almost impossible to counter smash & grab operations with traditional security and video surveillance. Usually involving breaking down a door or window, and occasionally abetted by employees, these operations skirt surveillance cameras and cause millions in shrinkage annually. Outfitting products and packages with GPS trackers lull thieves into thinking they're getting away, when actually you and the authorities are pinging their location with unprecedented accuracy, leading to a quick recovery of your assets.

Organized Retail Crime

While run-of-the-mill shoplifters dramatically affect your bottom line, organized retail crime represents an equally costly level of retail loss, and ORC cases are on the rise in many areas. Criminals will create a distraction (sometimes abetted by employees) and steal vast amounts of product; everything from cellphones to baby formula. Infiltrating the operation with a professional investigator using body-worn cameras and bait products with GPS are highly effective ways to shut down ORC before it can burn you.

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