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Protect Against Shoplifting and Employee Theft
By Covering Blind Spots With Hidden Cameras

While the cornerstone of any store surveillance strategy is a well-implemented security camera system, there are still bound to be blind spots. In blind spots lie an opportunity for employees and shoplifters alike to exploit your system and walk out with big-ticket items. By deploying a supplemental system of covert cameras, you're able to take thieves by surprise, recording vital footage that can lead to asset recovery and prosecution, potentially preventing future crimes. At BrickHouse Security, we offer best-in-class covert cameras concealed in a number of unique housings. Our best-selling line of Camscura black box hidden cameras can be placed in hard-to-reach places like air vents, giving you a unique view on your retail space. business.

Give Investigators All the Tools They Need
in One Place With Loss Prevention Kits

For on-the-go investigations, nothing beats having everything you need with you at all times. Our loss prevention kits feature a unique range of solutions, from hidden cameras, to body worn cameras, to GPS trackers, along with all of their accessories, all housed in a durable, portable case. Our security experts are willing to work with you to build a kit that includes only what you need. The all-new B-Link Secure Cellular Camera System takes mobile investigating to the next level, allowing you to bring a network with you everywhere you go. Connect the included Camscura WiFi directly to the portable cellular MiFi device and stream your video from anywhere without needing to go through IT or access a local network.

Mobile, Secure Connection on the Fast, 4G LTE Network

B-Link Secure Cellular is a family of products built with mobility in mind. Connect IP cameras on the go, right over the fast, 4G LTE network. With B-Link Secure Cellular, loss prevention specialists can link up their remote-view recording devices without accessing a business' network; in fact, you're able to bring your own network with you for completely untethered, flexible remote monitoring. And, because there are no contracts or long-term agreements, B-Link Secure Cellular provides monitoring on your terms.

Fight Smash-and-Grab Operations and Organized Retail Crime With GPS Trackers

GPS tracking makes monitoring valuable merchandise as easy and effective as possible. Small, battery-powered trackers can be hidden in shipments or individual packages and give a security manager or loss prevention specialist an up-to-the-minute status of their locations. With motion-activated alerts and custom geofences, if devices leave a predefined area, they will generate notifications telling the security manager where the item is in real time. Being able to track devices in real time enables loss prevention specialists to recover product stolen in smash-and-grab operations or follow their trail through fences to bust organized retail crime rings. At BrickHouse, we even offer custom GPS tracking solutions built into whatever unique housing is best for your product offering.

Capture Vital Evidence Easily and Efficiently
With Wearable Cameras

Many professional investigators turn to body-worn cameras to get the evidence they need to bring retail thieves to justice. Cameras hidden in glasses, hats, pens, coffee cup lids, and countless other everyday items allow retail loss prevention specialists the freedom to record video and audio of employees and customers alike without the fear of arousing suspicion. These completely covert, easy-to-use hidden cameras have been a trusted tool of the trade for private and professional investigators for years. For outfitting a team of investigators in the field, or simply having multiple options, BrickHouse Security offers a custom body worn camera kit that features three unique hidden cameras, a DVR and all accessories for quick and setup and recording.

Protect Employee and Customer Privacy With Counter-Surveillance Solutions

It is the responsibility of every retailer to provide a safe environment for customers and employees alike; this includes protecting privacy as well. The presence of hidden recording devices in employee changing rooms, restrooms, fitting rooms and more can damage a retailer's reputation and make them liable to lawsuits. By employing the use of counter-surveillance measures, a security manager is able to uncover a broad spectrum of recording devices. Choose from a host of wide-band RF detectors to camera lens finders and more to uncover any illicit devices on a store's premises including audio recorders and microphones, GPS trackers, hidden cameras, and much more.

What Satisfied Customers Are Saying

I have utilized the Camscura Micro and the Camscura Tilt cameras for investigations in a retail environment. I was impressed by how easily and quickly they are able to be deployed in a variety of locations. These cameras provide excellent picture quality and are small, easily installed and easily hidden. An excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality but cost effective covert camera.

- Eric R.,

Regional Loss Prevention Manager at a National Young Adult Apparel and Accessories Retailer

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