Today's level of connectivity is usually a good thing, but when smartphone activities cause worry or danger, you can turn to cell phone surveillance devices to help relieve anxiety and prevent potential disasters. BrickHouse Security has the perfect cell phone monitoring solution for all your personal and business phones. With a device that transfers or recovers smartphone data, you can have easy access to a phone's sent and received texts, incoming and outgoing email, videos, pictures, browser history, call logs, chat logs, GPS locations and more. Simply browse our selection to find the monitoring device that delivers the features you need.

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  • BrickHouse Xtractr: iPhone
    The most powerful cell phone monitoring tool on the market for iPhones, now compatible with iOS 8.0.
    Sale $119.95
  • BrickHouse Xtractr: Android
    From text messages to Internet history and everything in between, this easy-to-use forensic marvel...>>
    Sale $119.95

Smartphones are now permanent fixtures in most people's lives. With all the good they've brought, however, they've also brought a lot of bad habits, behaviors, and inefficiencies. With cell phone monitoring solutions from BrickHouse Security, you're able to see how and when a smartphone you own is used. Learn how to monitor employees using company phones by exploring call logs, web histories, and even GPS data to ensure that they're not abusing company property. BrickHouse's assortment of mobile phone monitoring devices enables you to explore the data from all types of smartphones. Read more.