SpectorSoft, our most advanced monitoring software, enables you to finally take full control of your computers and mobile devices. You'll always know exactly who is using your network and what they are doing online. Monitoring software from SpecterSoft aids trust as it promotes accountability for employees, family members and anyone else in your realm of supervision. This cutting-edge software monitors and records activity as often as once per second, providing detailed information on Web browsing and mobile communications. Although global communication networks are wonderful tools, prevention is the best cure for problems related to inappropriate network activity.

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Whether you are a concerned parent or a manager trying to maintain a professional workplace, security software is a key problem solver. Cell phone and PC monitoring software works best when it works discreetly. SpecterSoft's undetectable smartphone software flawlessly monitors text messages, call logs, photos and more. E-mails and mobile Web browsing histories are often available as well. With this kind of detailed information, you can rest assured that your employees are using company resources in an ethical, productive manner. For parents, smartphone monitoring can prevent human tragedies before they happen. Read more.