Most teens use their cell phones and computers throughout the day. While this level of connectivity can open the door for many kinds of unwanted activity, it also gives you a chance to watch teens more closely. BrickHouse Security offers a complete selection of teen monitoring tools to help you keep your kids safe. Whether you need keyloggers to recover passwords and search terms or complete computer surveillance software, there's a great solution to meet your needs. We even have teen phone monitoring options like audio-triggered conversation recorders, so you'll have complete access to your teen's personal conversations as well as their text data.

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Tracking teen text messages and computer usage can keep your family members under 18 out of a world of danger. BrickHouse Security's teen computer security software and phone surveillance surveillance tools give you the ability to read chat logs, text messages, and more, ensuring that minors are not talking to anyone looking to take advantage of them. Our iPhone Spy Stick and Android Spy Stick can recover a variety of information from the newest smartphones. Protect your kids against online predators with our sophisticated computer and cell phone monitoring devices and digital surveillance tools. Please note that cell phone and PC monitoring devices are intended to monitor children under 18 years of age.