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BrickHouse Security GPS tracking devices help keep your family and employees safe. Monitor the speed, location and route of a single car or truck, or an entire fleet of vehicles, and get instant text or email alerts to your smartphone, tablet or computer when a vehicle crosses any boundary you draw on a map or exceeds any speed you select. BrickHouse Security tracking devices run on our exclusive GPS tracking platform, which provides premium service at an affordable cost.

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BrickHouse GPS is ideal for both general consumers and professional business use. Our Spark Nano 4.0 GPS tracking device provides full functionality for fleet monitoring, teen tracking or pinpointing the whereabouts of your spouse or other loved ones. You can easily customize the Spark Nano to suit your particular tracking needs. Because it is small, fitting into the palm of your hand, and ultimately portable, the Spark Nano is the most functional and versatile of the BrickHouse Security GPS lineup. Read more.