Knowing the location history, travel speed and stop times of vehicles or other tracked objects can relieve personal anxiety and ensure business productivity. BrickHouse Security offers a variety of affordable GPS data loggers to keep you in the know with after-the-fact data. Our selection of loggers includes plug-and-play units, devices powered by USB or cigarette lighter connections, and weatherproof options that can be mounted on the exterior of a vehicle. The motion-activated iTrail GPS Logger delivers five days of battery life. With our Tracking Key GPS Logger, you can obtain instant access to your GPS data and location history from any PC. Browse our collection to find products with the features that best fit your personal and business needs.

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A data logger is a great way to monitor where a person or vehicle has been without monthly fees. These micro GPS tracking devices are the smallest and most-affordable way to track what matters most. All you have to do is place a GPS locator tracking logger in a vehicle or a bag and recover it later to see where the device has been and how fast it was going. Though you don't get the same customization or real-time results as other trackers, a GPS logger doesn't require any monthly fees, making it the perfect low-cost GPS solution. A GPS logger is especially useful as a car tracking device and a fleet tracking device, giving you detailed breadcrumb reports of where your vehicle went.