Whether you’re tracking a single vehicle or an entire business fleet, getting the right GPS tracking technology is critical to your success. LandAirSea brand devices provide all of the features you need to determine where your target vehicles travel, how fast they are going and whether they are staying on task. Our GPS devices can save your business thousands of dollars annually by streamlining logistics and improving dispatch efficiency. GPS tracking keeps fuel costs under control by minimizing unauthorized side trips and wasted miles.

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The well-known LandAirSea GPS tracker brand is a staple among the product lines sold by BrickHouse Security. This line of GPS trackers offer a variety of user-friendly features, including maximum run times between charges, high-functionality even in extreme temperatures, waterproof casing, and the exclusive, patent-pending ShareSpot function available on the brand’s real-time GPS trackers. This unique LandAirSea feature allows for sharing specific and immediate locations of your fleet drivers so that customers can predict delivery times or dispatchers can locate the nearest emergency service responders. This feature can even be added to your website for customers to view directly. LandAirSea GPS loggers are lower-cost alternatives to real-time GPS trackers and the information can be stored and reviewed later. This brand is designed for rugged use and is a perfect choice for business owners.