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Be a part of the fast-growing GPS industry without worrying about tech support, billing and all the difficulties of managing a professional-grade GPS server. For an extremely minimal investment, you can become an Authorized Agent for BrickHouse GPS. We'll supply the hardware and the training to get you started. From there, the sky's the limit on how much you can earn. Dedicate yourself to GPS tracker sales, or supplement a current business. Either way, you'll be taking in recurring monthly payments backed by an industry leader in GPS technology.

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The BrickHouse GPS platform presents a world of opportunity for any enterprising entrepreneur. GPS is a rapidly expanding industry for consumer, government and business applications. By becoming a Private Label Distributor, you're in control of how you do business. Handle your own billing, tech support, branding and more. You can even run the platform on your own GPS tracking server. Or, if you want to leave any or all of the specifics to us, you can do that too. Bottom line: If you want to get into the GPS business, we want to be in business with you.

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GPS technology brings a previously unheard of level of oversight and transparency to countless industries, from delivery to elder care to law enforcement. When you become an Enterprise Licensee with BrickHouse GPS, you get your brand's very own GPS server and multiple options on how you use it. Allow customers to track delivery vehicles, coordinate emergency response routes, monitor a wide array of assets, manage dispatch and much more. The Lightning GPS platform can even be operated through your own servers for total data governance. Build a better business with GPS technology.

Opportunities for the GPS Entrepreneur in a Huge Range of Industries