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    Application - Camera
    • Tiny Hidden Cameras(13)
    • Home(9)
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    • Nanny Cameras(5)
    • Property(2)
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    • Body Worn(9)
    • Portable(8)
    • Wall(3)
    • Ceiling(1)
    • Desktop(1)
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    • Battery(21)
    • AC Powered(5)
    • Wired(2)
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    Light Sensor
    • Standard(17)
    • Low Light(6)
    • Night Vision(1)
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    Recording Function
    • External(21)
    • Internal(5)
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    Recorder Type
    • Portable DVR(4)
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    Spy Gear
    • Cameras(3)
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    Body Type
    • Box / Traditional(1)
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    • WiFi(10)
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    • 720p(1)
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    Country of Use
    • International Use(3)
    • USA(3)
  • Price Range
    • Under $100(2)
    • $100-$299.99(22)
    • $200.00-$399.99(27)
    • $400.00 and Up(6)
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    • Black
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BrickHouse Security provides the highest quality law enforcement equipment on the market. LawMate products are designed to offer law enforcement professionals and private investigators with the highest quality surveillance equipment, built on performance. Rugged construction, advanced optics, and rigorous quality control are some of the characteristics that make LawMate products so reliable for security uses. The hidden cameras from this line are disguised as typical household items and are designed to covertly record video to catch lawbreakers in the act and to provide evidence for cases. While these covert cameras were originally designed for law enforcement purposes, they are also available to the general consumer who wishes to increase property and personal security measures.