Protecting yourself at home and work is a priority, and sometimes, knowing what goes on in the world around you can help out in a given situation. LawMate hidden cameras are discreet and capture high-quality footage that can be played back on your computer or smartphone. The diverse selection of portable, wall-mounted and desktop styles is designed to meet your personal needs for home and business security. Record the world around you with portable models that fit in your hand or on your body. User-friendly features make it easy to install and operate these cameras, and varying price ranges are sure to meet your budget.

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  • Weather Clock Hidden Camera
    This stylish and easy-to-use hidden camera displays date, time, and weather while capturing...>>
    Sale $249.99
  • Outlet Camera
    This dummy outlet installs in seconds and records motion-activated high-definition video.
    Sale $259.99
  • Clear Lens Glasses Camera
    No one will ever suspect that these great looking glasses contain a high-definition surveillance...>>
    Sale $319.99
  • Mobile Phone Hidden Camera
    Leave this hidden surveillance camera on your desk or carry it in your pocket and always be ready...>>
    Sale $319.99
  • HDTouch Handheld DVR
    Get 720p HD footage anywhere you go with this handheld touchscreen video recorder.
    Sale $479.99
  • Light Switch Hidden Camera
    This covert HD camera and video recorder blends seamlessly into any room.
    Sale $259.99
  • Thumb Size Camcorder
    Perfect for recording conversations or events, this pocket-sized mini camcorder captures video and...>>
    Sale $159.99
  • Hidden Camera Hat
    Capture point-of-view footage with the Hidden Hat Camera, which includes enough room for a portable ...>>
    Sale $199.99
  • AC Adapter Cord Hidden Camera
    This standard-looking AC adapter cord records high-resolution video without the need for batteries.
    Sale $349.99
  • HD Micro Camera with DVR
    Carry this stylish and durable mini camera with you and always be ready to record HD video at a...>>
    Sale $249.99
  • Insulated Mug DVR
    Carry your coffee and up to 32GB of HD video in this insulated mug camera.
    Sale $249.99
  • LawMate Handheld Pro DVR w/Button Camera
    When you want to be discreet, use this button cam. Slip the recorder in your pocket and the camera...>>
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LawMate designs hidden cameras within ordinary objects for complete discretion. These indoor hidden cameras sit inconspicuously on your desk or install easily on a wall. Features are user friendly and offer customizable recording options. Fully functional alarm clocks and docking stations contain high-quality cameras to capture everything that goes on at your home or office. Read more.