If you own a home or business, you're automatically at risk of experiencing an unlawful entry, theft, fraud and even violent crime. With no way to identify an intruder or prove an incident of abuse, you're left with little evidence to offer authorities. But if your space is fully covered by security cameras, you'll capture detailed, time-stamped footage of every event that occurs. Selecting quality security equipment is important for ensuring the best results. Our ACTi video surveillance cameras offer the solid performance and advanced features you need to keep your property and loved ones safe.

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The ACTi Corporation is headquartered in Taiwan and operates a U.S. office in Irvine, California. With a focus on revolutionary technologies in network video monitoring, ACTi designs and manufactures high-quality IP network security cameras and related surveillance products for commercial and residential use. Our ACTi video surveillance dome-style camera selection includes essential features such as high-definition video, motion-activated recording, low-light recording, fast streaming and more. ACTi's PoE feature allows you to power your camera through an Ethernet cable, so you don't need to place it near an electrical outlet. You also have easy access to your video stream from anywhere in the world; you can view footage conveniently from any internet-enabled device such as your smartphone, PC or tablet. Read more.