How to Place Yard Signs

Helpful hints for maximizing the effectiveness of your alarm yard sign


When investing in a home alarm system, some of the most important considerations involve sensor and control panel placement, but the most overlooked element, the placement of the yard sign, could make all the difference in deterring intruders and vandals before they even reach your door.

In this piece, we'll look at 7 tips and tricks to placing your alarm sign for your yard in the most effective way to stop criminals from even considering targeting your home:

  1. Place your sign 12-18 inches off the ground; this will maximize visibility while reducing wind interference.
  2. Place your sign where the print faces in a direction that targets traffic and is easily noticed.
  3. The closer to the road you can get your sign, the better. Unfortunately, some cities and townships have ordinances that require your sign to sit at least 10 feet from the road. If you are worried about getting a dreaded phone call from local law enforcement, keep your signs 10 feet away from the road.
  4. If you can mount your sign against an existing structure such as a wall or fence without a stake, do so. This placement technique will provide a better support for your sign, and it will avoid the possibility of movement or damage during lawn and landscape maintenance.
  5. More than one yard sign may be necessary since a burglar isn't necessarily going to walk straight up to the house from the front.
  6. Placing the lawn sign near the main entrance may not be the best location in some homes. Although it is visible during entry, some homes may have a more central area that offers greater exposure.
  7. In addition to a lawn sign, it is equally important to adhere window and door decals throughout your property. These stickers are essential, especially in the rear and sides of the home. When placing the decals, place them near eye level where a burglar will easily see them.

Using these tips, you'll be sure to get the most from your home alarm system.

Published September 22nd, 2021