Pro-Grade Hidden Cameras from LawMate

Founded in 1998 to help law enforcement and private investigators source the highest quality covert surveillance equipment, LawMate has since become an industry leader. With rugged construction, advanced optics, and a host of other professional features, LawMate hidden cameras are the choice of departments nationwide. And, through its partnership with BrickHouse Security, LawMate cameras now come audio enabled for officers with proper credentials. Get the evidence you need with these field-ready covert devices.

About LawMate

LawMate is a security company that manufactures, supplies, and services a variety of security products including audio and video surveillance systems. They provide products and services in three tiers: law enforcement grade, professional grade, and basic private consumer grade. With 25 years in the industry, LawMate is a trusted provider of security products.

  • LawMate Light Switch Hidden Camera

    Convenient, blends into your decor. You can move this switch cam from room to room.

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  • HD Micro Camera with DVR by LawMate

    One-Click Pics and Hi-Def Videos on the Go with This Mini HD DVR Camera

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  • Law Enforcement Professional Body Worn Button Camera

    Disguised as a button or screw, this covert camera can be bodyworn or left behind, capturing video & audio.

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  • LawMate 1080P HD Button Camera Set

    This 1080p camera kit includes multiple button covers to pair with any shirt to capture high-quality hidden camera footage.

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  • LawMate AC Adapter DVR Video Recorder

    This AC adapter DVR plugs into a common outlet for power, and plugs into a camera via RCA for simple surveillance setup.

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  • Lawmate Black Box Button Camera Set with Wi-Fi DVR

    All-in-one button camera and DVR set includes everything you need for on-the-go surveillance.

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  • Lawmate Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera

    Compact, portable hidden camera with an alternate purpose is easy to disguise while secretly capturing surveillance footage.

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  • LawMate Coffee Cup Lid Hidden Cam DVR

    A simple push-button start allows you to use the coffee cup lid and built-in DVR to record undetected for almost two hours.

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  • Lawmate Covert Surveillance Glasses

    Wearable hidden camera with discreet one-button recording

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  • LawMate Digital Clock HD WiFi Hidden Camera

    Functioning alarm clock doubles as hidden camera with night vision

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  • LawMate Handheld Pro DVR with Button Camera

    Lightweight 4oz. Unit for Easy Concealment and Carrying

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  • LawMate Handheld WiFi Black Box DVR

    Use free smart phone app to ensure maximum control over your camera's functions and your video footage.

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