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Features of BrickHouse Alert

  • Emergency Call Button allows users to call for assistance whenever and wherever they need it
  • Instant Response from 24/7 Call Center allows users to connect to a live person during an emergency and be assured that both emergency response teams and emergency contacts will be alerted, if necessary
  • Portable, Water Resistant Device is easy to carry and durable in a variety of circumstances

Who Is BrickHouse Alert For?

BrickHouse Alert is designed for both active seniors who spend significant time on-the-go and elderly or infirm patients who are housebound. Learn more about who BrickHouse Alert is for:

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BrickHouse Alert For the Wearer

The Baby Boomer generation is the most active group of seniors in history. Active seniors don’t want to be confined to their homes, but their families still want the assurance that they can call for help in the event of an emergency. Because BrickHouse Alert is a mobile device, you don’t have to be at home to call for help. This added benefit allows the most active generation of senior citizens to be assured of safety without affecting their lifestyle.


Wander Alert For the Caretaker

Alzheimer’s and dementia patients who are confined to their homes or assisted living facilities may also need BrickHouse Alert so they can call for help in emergencies. For these patients, the added benefit of WanderAlert is essential. WanderAlert monitors the wearer’s physical location and sends an emergency alert to caretakers the moment the patient leaves the premises. This optional service is designed for patients who are unable to care for themselves and allows you as the caregiver to get alerts if your loved one leaves a designated safe area and puts themselves in potential danger.

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Wander Alert For the Caretaker
Accessories for the BrickHouse Alert

Accessories for the BrickHouse Alert

Included Lanyard: Use the included lanyard for wearing the small, portable device around the neck.

Carrying Pouch: The carrying pouch, sold separately, makes it easy to attach the device to a belt or bag for convenient carrying.

Compare BrickHouse Alert and Wander Alert. Call Us at (877) 632-5378 For Additional Help With Purchasing The Right Alert System For Your Needs

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BrickHouse Alert

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