Network Security with the Recon Sentinel

Conventional anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall solutions provide a certain level of protection, but business owners need their network protected with complete cyber-defences. At BrickHouse Security, we’re the first to carry the Recon Sentinel, one of the newest and most advanced offerings in network and cyber security.

This small, barely detectable, auto-updating device provides that extra layer of protection, simply and unobtrusively. It integrates seamlessly with your existing router to protect your firewall and wireless access points, all while working in harmony with existing antivirus and anti-malware solutions. The device detects potentially malicious events and unauthorized access, alerting you to any potential threats and barring access. With Recon Sentinel, you can even protect multiple locations at once using the included cloud-based management software.

Functions of the Recon Sentinel

The Recon Sentinel focuses on reconnaissance by detecting malware activities across all devices on your network, and implementing the necessary security solutions. This plug-and-play addition to your cyber arsenal provides an unobtrusive yet essential layer of technically advanced detection and protection. There are currently 5 major functions that the Recon Sentinel provides:

Real-Time Network Inventory

The Recon Sentinel takes a snapshot of your current network installations and inventories existing devices, manufacturers, IP addresses, MAC addresses, and network services. This snapshot is used as a baseline for comparison so deviations can be flagged immediately.

Network Reconnaissance Scanning Detection

The majority of networks cannot detect stealth network scanners, yet network scanning is a common reconnaissance method used by malware programs to seek out network vulnerabilities. Network scanning can provide early warning of attempts to steal information or wipe out systems.

The Recon Sentinel includes a scan detection engine, capable of detecting such scans. From there, the network security device alerts the user that a scan has been detected, identifies the scanning device, and allows the user to block it.

Cyber-Deception Traps

The Recon Sentinel falsely presents itself as a valuable network target, though it actually has no production value. Advanced attackers attempt to interact with the Recon Sentinel, walking into the cyber-trap, kick-starting our defenses.

Active Defence Countermeasures (ADC)

ADC provides a simple, highly-effective way to block Internet communications to affected devices. The Recon Sentinel runs active defense countermeasures (ADC) against devices manifesting reconnaissance activity, disrupting the intruder’s ability to communicate over the Internet.

Instant Alert Notifications

The Recon Sentinel alerts users in multiple, fully user-configurable ways, via our mobile application.

Other Features of the Recon Sentinel: Sideband vs. Inline

‘Inline’ devices sit between the internet and the router or modem, allowing them to scan information passing from the network to the internet and back, but there are disadvantages to this! The skills required to setup inline devices lie beyond the normal user, and inline devices tend to slow down bandwidth.

‘Sideband’ devices actually connect after the router or modem in the same way as any other network connected device, avoiding the downsides of inline device connection. While a sideband device cannot see all packets crossing the network, but they are able monitoring network reconnaissance behavior.

The ReconSentinel has been designed for use as a sideband connection, resulting in zero impact to network speed or internet download or upload speeds. And, by comparison to an inline device, setup is relatively straightforward.

Easy Setup

Our cyber-security experts know how important network security is to users. They also understand that for users to embrace it, the implementation of cyber-security must be user-friendly. That’s why we designed the set-up of our ReconSentinel as a plain and simple, three step process:

  1. Plug in the power cable

  2. Plug the ethernet cable into your network

  3. Register the device online (or via our app)

There is no need for the user to re-configure, disable any routers, or add any current network infrastructure, nor does the user need the IP address of the Recon Sentinel. Everything is done through our mobile app.

The Recon Sentinel allows business owners and managers to provide ongoing protection to their business network, all with a simple to use device. If you’re looking for a way to protect your business from unwanted intruders with ease, we’re here to help. Contact BrickHouse Security today, and secure your business network.

Published April 28, 2021