Understanding the Alert Options on Your GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are the powerful monitoring tools you need to track the things that matter to you. Sophisticated, modern trackers provide a wealth of information about location, time, motion, direction, speed, and more. Of course, parsing and analyzing all this data in real-time can be difficult, so BrickHouse Security provides convenient alert systems, so you know exactly when you need to take action.

The Benefits of BrickHouse Security GPS Tracker Alerts

Understanding the Alert Options on Your GPS Tracker

If you’ve ever seen the information produced by a GPS trackers, you’ll know it’s easy to overlook important events in all the noise. We’ve solved this by utilizing algorithms that consider a measure or threshold you’ve set to alert you once breached.

For example, you could set an alert if the tracker moves a certain distance over a specific period, or if it’s going over a certain speed limit. You can set “borders” for the tracker and get notified if it goes outside those borders.

The alarms and alerts work without you having to actively monitor the tracker. Once you get an alert, you can log in to your tracking app or portal and examine the situation in more detail.

To give you more flexibility, we make it easy to set up the alerts that matter to you.

The Types of Alerts You Can Use on a GPS Tracker

The Types of Alerts

Depending on the GPS tracker you purchase, we provide several different alert options out of the box. These include:

  • Regular location updates
  • Motion alerts
  • Speed alerts
  • Geofence alerts

You can easily set and monitor your tracker’s location and alerts through our smartphone application or you can choose to receive alerts via SMS text message or email.

We’ll explore each of these alert options below, together with potential use cases.

Regular Location Updates

It is the most basic type of alert that tells you where the tracker is right now. Our trackers provide location updates at regular intervals and, your smartphone app will plot them on a map so you can track movement over time. It’s an ideal type of alert for close tracking of specific movements.

Location Updates

Use Cases for Regular Location Updates

Potential use cases include:

  • Tracking where your vehicle is right now
  • Tracking your fleet of trucks or commercial vehicles so you can confirm departure, arrival, and delivery times
  • Tracking your child when they’re not in your home to make sure they stay safe
  • Any other tracking that relies on knowing the specific location of a person, vehicle, or other objects

Motion Alerts

Motion alerts tell you when a GPS tracker and whatever it is tracking starts and stops moving. You can choose to receive an email or SMS alert as soon as motion is detected. It’s an ideal type of alert if you want to know that something is in motion, rather than where it is or how fast it’s moving.

Motion Alerts

Use Cases for Motion Alerts 

Potential use cases include:

  • Ensuring your vehicle moves only when you’re driving
  • Detecting when a parked vehicle is driven away
  • Monitoring your commercial fleet so that drivers do not drive the vehicle outside business hours
  • Any other tracking that relies on knowing when something has started or stopped moving

Speed Alerts

Speed alerts tell you when the thing you’re tracking moves above a certain speed. You can choose to get an alert whenever the speed threshold is breached. It’s an ideal type of alert if you want to know if something is traveling too quickly.

Speed Alerts

Speed Alerts — Use Cases

Potential use cases include:

  • Tracking if your kids are going above the speed limit when they borrow your car
  • Checking that your fleet drivers are obeying the rules of the road and staying under speed limits
  • Calculating how quickly a vehicle will arrive at its destination
  • Any other tracking that relies on knowing if a speed limit is exceeded

Geofence Alerts

Geofence alerts are some of the most sophisticated alerts we provide. They allow you to set up certain boundaries on a map and get a notification if the GPS tracker moves out of or into those boundaries. You can also set up multiple geofences to receive several alerts as the trackers move through them. It’s an ideal type of alert if you want to know whether a GPS tracker has breached a geographic area that you have set.

Geofence Alerts

Use Cases for Geofence Alerts

Potential use cases include:

  • Tracking when your child leaves a designated area like their school
  • Tracking when an elder leaves your home
  • Ensuring that valuable items in your business stay within your business property
  • Tracking goods as they move through certain parts of a supply chain
  • Receiving notifications when vehicles leave your location or arrive at a customer’s location
  • Any other tracking that relies on knowing when a particular boundary has been crossed

You can use several of these alerts on the same trackers to provide a comprehensive alert and alarm system tailored to your exact needs.

We provide the specialized TrackView app across Apple / iOS and Android devices so you stay up-to-date on the things you care about.

It’s time to track what matters, so take a look at the GPS devices we offer, and find the perfect one for your needs.

Updated March 20, 2024