Your GPS Tracker And Teen Driving Safety

Teen Driving Safety

GPS tracking solutions from BrickHouse Security give you the peace of mind you need. Just place any of our compact real-time GPS trackers in any car, and in just a few seconds you'll know for sure how fast your teen is driving, where he's been, and where he's going. And best of all, you'll get a text message or email to your smartphone or computer the minute his car exceeds any speed you select.

Here's How it Works:

Your GPS Tracker And Teen Driving Safety

  • Log on to the BrickHouse GPS monitoring platform anywhere you have internet access
  • Set the speed you would like to be alerted about
  • Request an instant text message, an email alert (or both) to be sent to you the moment your teen's car exceeds the speed you've selected

That's it!

Vehicle speed selection and instant notification to any smartphone or computer can be a life-saving feature for any parent, guardian, or caregiver. And the functionality comes standard on BrickHouse's entire line of real-time GPS models, including our portable, battery-powered Spark Nano, our plug & play TrackPort, and our hard-wired Livewire Dash.

Of course, real-time speed alerts aren't just for teen drivers. Business owners, fleet managers, law enforcement professionals, or anyone who wants to monitor how fast any vehicle is being driven can get the answers they need in seconds with BrickHouse Security's GPS tracking solutions.

Updated April 25, 2024