Cannabis Business Security

Protecting your legal cannabis business assets.

The cannabis business is a legal venture in many states, but because of the still booming illegal market of cannabis products, there are many precautions that need to be taken to keep product, cash, and business assets safe. Many cannabis business owners prefer to operate covertly, which means avoiding having installers on-site, keeping the attention off of private grow locations and processing plants, and monitoring the safe movement of product and storage of cash.

BrickHouse Security is your partner in cannabis business security, and we offer a range of security and surveillance devices designed to protect your assets. Our most popular products for the cannabis business include hidden cameras, plug-and-play security cameras, DVRs, and GPS trackers.

Hidden Cameras Guarding Safes

The cannabis business, even when it operates legally, deals primarily in cash, making precautions necessary for safe storage and transport. In most other businesses, it’s uncommon to keep large sums of cash in a business safe, but in the cannabis business, it’s a necessity. Positioning hidden cameras around the cash safe can allow you, as the business owner, to monitor any activity around that area to ensure no foul play takes place. Using hidden cameras allows you to set up covert monitoring that no one except you knows about, maximizing your overall control of your own surveillance.

Some of the most popular hidden cameras selected for use by cannabis industry professionals are the SecureGuard 4G Utility Box Camera with B-Link Onboard and the SecureGuard Exit Sign Hidden Camera with B-Link Onboard. Both of these cameras are equipped with onboard cellular service, allowing you to create a network at your facility without the need for a wired network to be installed. This further adds to your security as you’re reducing the need for installers on site. Additionally, these cameras are disguised to look like other types of technology which would easily fit in at a growing facility or agricultural site. These hidden cameras feature built-in internet access and remote viewing capabilities, giving business owners and managers the ability to monitor their facilities and fields without detection by anyone who is unaware of the camera’s presence.

Another popular line of cameras for cannabis business use is the Camscura hidden camera line. These cameras are simple black boxes which can be positioned to blend in with their settings or placed inside a hollowed out box or ordinary object, creating your own custom hidden camera. You can purchase a covert camera case, like the smoke detector enclosure or thermostat enclosure, giving you the ability to monitor your space covertly under the guise of an ordinary object found in most buildings.

You can also use a variety of covert devices to protect your business cash, including GPS trackers to monitor cash in motion and alarms that prevent the wrong people from accessing the cash safe area.

Plug-and-Play Security Cameras Monitoring Crops

Monitoring grow sites is a huge safety issue for cannabis business owners. Whether your crops are located indoors or out, tampering and theft are common concerns. In many cases, the key to keeping unwanted visitors away from your crops is keeping your grow location a secret. This often means a strict security protocol that excludes the use of outside workers, contractors, installers, and repair personnel on-site.

Selecting plug-and-play security cameras for use at your grow sites can make it even easier to keep those locations private. Cameras don’t need to lack in power in order to be easy to use and install. Even a person who isn’t technically savvy can still set up and begin using a plug-and-play camera in a short amount of time. Without the need for bringing installers on site, you can minimize the incidence of bringing other people into your top security space. If you use a B-Link Secure Cellular camera with onboard cellular service, you can further increase security by avoiding bringing internet or camera installers onsite.

A popular outdoor camera option for monitoring crops is the B-Link Secure Cellular Outdoor Camera, a rugged device that also comes equipped with built-in cellular service. The camera is weatherproof and features night vision up to 65 feet for ongoing surveillance in any condition, battery operated so you don’t have to source power to keep a close watch on your crops, and includes remote viewing capabilities so you can review or live stream footage from anywhere.

Using DVRs to Store Footage

When you are capturing video footage at your grow site or processing plant, it’s important to make sure that video is properly handled and stored for emergency needs. Using more sophisticated cameras and a DVR for your everyday surveillance is a must, especially in some places where storing footage on a DVR is required. DVRs are capable of handling a heavy security footage load, including playing back footage from multiple IP cameras at a time, enabling on-site and remote view capabilities, storing all of your footage from all of your IP cameras all over your site, and more. In some areas, cannabis business owners are required to keep footage stored on a DVR for licensing and emergency needs.

Choosing the right DVR is important as well. As a cannabis business owner you will want to select a DVR that can handle the video load from a large number of cameras positioned all around your grow sites and processing plant. One of the most popular DVR options for the cannabis industry creates a 48-channel network that is able to save, stream, and play back footage from up to 48 cameras positioned around your site.

GPS Trackers Monitoring Shipments

Arguably the greatest concerns from cannabis business owners and managers are theft and tampering. GPS trackers can be used to keep tabs on equipment and valuable business assets. For example, a GPS tracker can be mounted to any piece of equipment or container storing equipment or product, ensuring that you’ll be notified if the asset moves and be able to monitor its path if it leaves the site, whether the move is authorized or not.

A GPS tracker can also help to monitor the movement of cash and product. You can use the device to track the vehicle being used to transport, or place it inside the container or bag holding the items of value being shipped. Your drivers may also feel safer carrying one of these portable GPS devices so their safety can be monitored too. The Spark Nano 5.0, for example, can be customized to feature a panic button. A driver could use it to call for help in the event of a traffic incident or burglary, and share their location with emergency personnel immediately. The Eon 3.0 Asset Tracker is also a great option for vehicle and large asset or shipment tracking. Its long battery life and built-in magnetic mount gives you a long-lasting and hard-wearing option for tracking your big shipments of valuable product.

Protecting Your Business Assets

No matter which tools you choose to use to protect your crops, grow sites, processing plant, and safes, BrickHouse Security is able to provide you with information and support for keeping your cannabis business assets safe.