Money-Handling in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry appears to be the next big boom industry. There is a lot of business being conducted and a great deal of cash being made. In the US, the problem is that cannabis businesses can’t use banks because of the federal prohibition on marijuana. They have to transact everything in cash.

This is not really a new problem either. Some states have had medical marijuana for years and those dispensaries have never had access to banking. Although the Obama administration set forth guidelines for banks, the still-looming threat of prosecution and fines has kept the banking industry on the sidelines.

Between large quantities of cash and crop that is highly susceptible to theft, security in the cannabis industry is vital.

BrickHouse Security can provide the security solutions that cannabis businesses, including growers and dispensaries, need to help keep profits, products, and people safe.


Security for the Cannabis Industry

The most difficult part of maintaining security in the cannabis industry is the portability of the goods and the funds. It’s nearly impossible for law enforcement in states where cannabis is legal to track a shipment of product or cash once someone has stolen it.

BrickHouse Security has put together some powerful tools for maintaining security and peace of mind for every level of the cannabis industry.


Security Cameras

Of course, among the most fundamental tools for securing any building are security cameras. Surveillance cameras provide active and passive security. Criminals are well-aware of the power of video to find them after the fact of the crime.

Placing obvious security cameras around a shop or a grow house can be a significant deterrent. Only the most audacious criminal will show their face in front of a camera. Even if a criminal covers their face, other things that are harder to hide, such as height, weight, gender, and race, can still be determined. Law enforcement uses video to great effect, even releasing it to the public to use the wisdom of the crowd to catch people.


Covert Cameras

Covert, or hidden cameras, offer unique opportunities for users to capture activities that occur in blind spots where the visible video surveillance system can’t see. These areas could be corners in large rooms, areas behind or beneath counters and desks, in unmonitored hallways, etc. Hidden cameras are ideally placed around locations where it might be more effective to have a camera that no one can see, for example areas that may encourage unlawful behavior.

During the commission of a crime, criminals may be more overt in areas where they feel safe from surveillance, giving you the opportunity to catch them in the act, get a clear view of their face, and gather essential evidence for prosecution.


GPS Tracking

Using hidden GPS trackers, we’re able to track cash and product as it moves around. If anything is stolen, you’re able to see where your product or cash is going. Law enforcement is able to track the criminals without the “bad guys” having any idea that they’re being followed.

GPS trackers are hard to detect when well-hidden and provide guidance under almost all conditions. Long battery life and real-time tracking are key to using GPS trackers successfully to control inventory and cash.


The Cash Nature of Cannabis

With a high-value product and an all-cash economy, the cannabis industry is a prime target for crime. Using the latest in surveillance and monitoring tools, risk can be mitigated and lives can be protected. Even after the banking industry opens up to the industry, there will still be a need for passive, real-time security.

BrickHouse Security specializes in helping the cannabis industry to remain safe and profitable. With our technology and expertise, cannabis growers, distributors, and dispensaries can all rest a little easier knowing that there is state-of-the-art tech protecting their people and investments.