A medical alert alarm can save the life of a loved one. It facilitates a better quality of life for seniors or individuals with special needs who wish to live independently as long as possible. Medical alerting gives family members peace of mind too. Because family cannot always be nearby, a medical alert system provides added security should an emergency arise. Depending on the device, once activated, the medical alert alarm calls for emergency medical response or notifies family members that their help is needed.

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CDC statistics show that people over 65 years of age have a one-in-three risk of falling. Without nearby help, an independent senior who sustains an injury may lay in pain for hours or even days, unable to get up, before help arrives. A medical alert alarm prevents this dangerous situation by providing a lifeline to emergency medical care and the help of loved ones. Our medical alerting devices summon the immediate assistance that can be critical to recovery. Medical emergencies like strokes and traumatic head injuries have higher recovery rates if treated quickly. Without a medical alert lifeline, injured individuals may become dangerously dehydrated, fall victim to life-threatening hypothermia, or suffer severe blood loss while they lay helpless and alone. Read more.