You deserve complete privacy in your home. BrickHouse provides everything you need for full personal security, including protection from the prying eyes and ears of hidden cameras and bugs. Although businesses are the usual setting for spy activity, any person who spends time in your home could use spy cameras or bugs to gain financial or legal information or record highly sensitive video footage. If you suspect that a caregiver, family member or visitor has placed surveillance equipment in your home, residential counter surveillance devices can reveal the truth. With our sophisticated home counter surveillance products, you can be sure your private life stays private.

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Audio jammers are a surefire way to ensure that any conversation you're hoping to keep private stays private. These high-tech anti-surveillance devices block listening devices from tapping into your phone calls or spoken conversations by scrambling signals. White noise generators operate at a frequency that masks your audio from potential listening devices. If you're using a telephone and you don't want the listener to know it's you, you can also look into a voice disguise device, which will change the tone of your voice so it's unrecognizable. How can you detect bugs in your office or home? BrickHouse offers a wide range of RF detectors, GPS detectors, and hidden camera lens finders sure to give you peace of mind in knowing that nobody is listening or watching.