For business and personal applications, there is no better way to monitor a person, vehicle or asset than a real-time GPS tracking device. Choose from a wide array of power options (battery powered, hardwired or dashboard-mounted, for example) to find the perfect real-time GPS tracker for your needs. Whatever real-time tracker you choose, you're assured live updates whenever the device is moved, allowing you to closely monitor what matters most right from your computer or smartphone.

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Real-time GPS tracking allows you to know for sure where your vehicles, assets and family members are, up to the minute. From fleet GPS tracking to personal GPS tracking devices, these live tracking tools can be as small a USB flash drive, perfect for covert car tracking or dropping in a backpack. Real-time GPS tracking devices can also be hardwired to a car's power source for unlimited battery life. A car tracker for parents can allow parents to know for sure that new teen drivers are driving responsibly. View your live tracking results from any computer or smartphone through BrickHouse Security's exclusive GPS platform. If you're looking for after-the-fact location information, BrickHouse offers a variety of GPS loggers that will give you the information you need with no monthly GPS fees. Read more.