Whether you need a GPS tracking device to monitor a person, vehicle or material asset, you want a brand that provides reliable service and cutting-edge technology. Telespial Systems of California is an industry leader in vehicle tracking and data collection technologies, and they're the manufacturer of the innovative TrackStick brand of GPS tracking devices. These cost-effective, high-quality vehicle trackers combine advanced features with convenience and user-friendly operation, and BrickHouse Security proudly offers a selection that includes an ideal solution for every need and budget.

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BrickHouse GPS tracking products can make your home and work life easier by keeping you informed. With a quality tracking device monitoring your cars, you'll have an extra level of security while ensuring the safety of all your family's drivers. If your work involves supervising a fleet of vehicles or even a single car, you can protect your company's bottom line by making sure drivers are using company time and resources properly. GPS data loggers allow you to obtain tracking information including location, direction, speed, stop times and travel route history. Simply recover the GPS tracking device, and download the information to your computer. All of the important travel data is yours instantly without monthly subscriptions or private investigator fees. Read more.