Whether you need a GPS tracking device to monitor a person, vehicle or material asset, you want a brand that provides reliable service and cutting-edge technology. Telespial Systems of California is an industry leader in vehicle tracking and data collection technologies, and they're the manufacturer of the innovative TrackStick brand of GPS tracking devices. These cost-effective, high-quality vehicle trackers combine advanced features with convenience and user-friendly operation, and BrickHouse Security proudly offers a selection that includes an ideal solution for every need and budget.

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The TrackStick line of GPS trackers is designed to combine advanced GPS tracking features with convenience and user-friendly operation. TrackSticks are GPS trackers that are powered by rechargeable batteries, making them an excellent choice for versatile use in multiple vehicles. Some models can be hardwired and mounted on the exterior of vehicles for long-term tracking capabilities. Many of the devices we carry include convenient mapping technology, often integrating Google Maps or Google Earth, to give you a clear look at the places your vehicle has visited, in addition to detailed information such as location, direction, speed, stop times, and travel route history. The TrackStick is a convenient option that does not need to be mounted to a vehicle as it can easily be stowed in a bag or placed at random in a vehicle, still able to do its job properly. These reliable and easy-to-use devices are designed to make your tracking security easier and more effective.