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    Black Box Hidden Cameras

  • Make your own HD hidden camera in minutes
  • Hide it in almost any common household object
  • Multiple recording modes so you'll never miss a shot
    ReelTime Hidden Cam Alarm Clock

  • Remote view on any smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Night Vision – works in complete darkness
  • HD video & extra-wide 140-degree viewing angle
    WriteShot HD Pen Camera

  • Body worn video surveillance at its best
  • Records HD video, audio and still photos
  • Stylish working pen writes beautifully, too
    Coat Hook Hidden Camera

  • Functioning coat hook is completely discreet
  • Shoots 1280 x 960 motion-activated video
  • Supplied Velcro and screws for easy mounting
    AC Adapter Hidden Camera

  • The ultimate home and office monitoring tool
  • Records up to 16 hours of motion-activated video
  • Wide 78-degree viewing angle — never miss a shot
    Dual View Car Cam

  • Get a complete picture of anyone's driving habits
  • Front and rear cameras record simultaneously
  • Nightvision Records in Complete Darkness

Nanny Cams of Every Shape and Size

Find the right hidden camera to blend into your home and lifestyle—many under $100. Choose from child-monitor cameras; wall, alarm clock and smoke alarm cameras, coat hook cameras, car cameras, plant cameras, digital picture frame cameras, DVD player cameras—even an iPhone docking station camera. You'll find everything you need with the best selection of nanny cams anywhere.

Office Hidden Cameras

Keep your eye on the office, even when you're away. Choose from the latest wall outlet cameras and thumb drive cameras, watch and pen cameras, exit sign and smoke alarm cameras, iPhone dock cameras and more. Or make your own hidden cam with our versatile Black Box Micro. Not sure what you need? Our experts can help you find the right hidden camera for you.

Spy Cameras

Discover your inner 007 with our state-of-the-art selection of hidden cameras. Search through our wide selection of watch cameras, pen cameras, sunglasses cameras, hat cameras, mini cameras, tie cameras, MP3 player hidden cameras, keychain cameras and more. Or make your own camera with our top-selling Black Box Micro.

Clock Cameras

Telling time was never so revealing. Explore our large selection of clock cameras, priced from $99 to $699: Check out wall clock cameras, desk clock cameras, travel clock cameras, watch cameras and more.

Wall-Hanging Cameras

You can be a fly on the wall with our huge section of wall-hanging cams. Choose from wall clock cameras, coat hook cameras, AC adapter cameras, smoke detector and carbon monoxide cameras and more.

Hidden Cameras You Can Wear

From mini cameras that clip onto your lapel or fit in the palm of your hand to hat cameras, tie cameras, watch cameras, keychain cameras, and MP3 player cameras, you'll find the largest selection of reasonably priced body worn cams anywhere.

Tested and curated by our security experts, our hidden camera collection is as comprehensive as you'll find anywhere. You'll be amazed at how many common household items double as high-quality spy cameras and recorders. Are you worried about leaving your child with a new nanny or caretaker? Try a nanny cam. Wondering whether your teen is following your house rules while you're out? BrickHouse offers a variety of covert hidden cameras in surprisingly undetectable forms, including smoke detectors,  alarm clock hidden cameras and wall clock hidden cams, even AC power adapters that double as a hidden cam. You may also opt for the Black Box Micro, which allows you to hide a camera in just about any typical household item. read more....