Hidden Cameras Expand CCTV Systems

If you use a CCTV system for home or business monitoring, adding hidden cameras to that system is the perfect way to cover blind spots. While CCTV cameras act as a visual deterrent, once employees, nannies, or criminals learn their placement, it's easy for them to figure out ways to exploit the setup. By using cameras concealed in everyday household objects, you give someone attempting to do something illegal a false sense of security; allowing you to catch them in the act.

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Hidden cameras are the perfect ways to expand existing CCTV systems and help you catch perpetrators in the act. CCTV systems for home and business are excellent ways to monitor high traffic areas without any kind of covert behavior. Most criminals or potential rule-breakers will see the CCTV cameras and avoid unsafe and illegal behaviors in front of them, but hidden camera that is compatible with the CCTV system can be covertly stowed, often disguised as a typical household or business item, providing security coverage in the blind spots of more obvious cameras. Where your hidden camera is set up, those who may want to break rules or laws will have their guards down, thinking they are in a CCTV blind spot, and allowing you to catch them in the act.