When it comes to monitoring residential and business premises, DVR-equipped hidden cams are the preferred devices are ideal video surveillance tools. These covert security devices can be positioned to watch over a particular area and record high-definition video for later review. Wireless hidden cameras from BrickHouse Security come in different models, making it easy to place the devices to blend into the room’s design and furnishings. Stealth recording with cleverly concealed DVRs is useful because people tend to behave differently once they become aware of cameras.

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Hidden cams from BrickHouse Security come in different forms, many of which do double-duty as working alarm clocks, smoke detectors, power adaptors and iPod docks. Some of these devices are motion activated to reduce energy usage and ensure longer recording capacity for those times that really matter. Today's home surveillance hidden cameras are typically wireless to make them less conspicuous and easier to set up and reposition. Employees, vandals and intruders will hardly be aware of the cameras, giving you the opportunity to observe their actions and generate high-quality video documentation for review and for evidence, if needed. Read more.