Monitor Your Office
with Hidden Cameras

Did you know that something seemingly as simple as an electrical outlet or coat hook could actually be a hidden camera designed to discreetly monitor an office? BrickHouse Security offers a vast selection of professional-grade video surveillance devices cleverly concealed in everyday office items, like smoke detectors, tissue boxes, or coffee pots. Whether you need the HD video quality of our black box Camscura cameras or a bird’s eye view from a wireless smoke detector hidden camera, our covert business surveillance tools can help you stay informed and protect your investments.

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Did You Know

A typical object sitting on a desk or hanging on a wall may actually be a secret hidden camera recording every move that occurs in front of it. BrickHouse Security offers a wide variety of hidden cameras designed for office security by being covertly disguised as typical office items such as AC adapters, photo frames, books, or even air purifiers. Office hidden cameras are often valuable tools for business owners and managers because they are not obvious enough to deter wrongdoers, allowing you to catch them in the act. Many of these hidden cameras offer options such as motion-activated recording to ensure that if something happens in the frame, it will be caught, and battery and storage won’t be used up on useless recordings.