Did you know that an object masquerading as a simple electrical outlet or coat hook could actually be a business surveillance tool designed to monitor your office? BrickHouse Security offers a selection of discreet hidden cameras, including an assortment of spy cams cleverly disguised as everyday items that most people expect to see in an office. With their help, you can learn what's happening when you are away. Whether you need the HD video quality and professional-grade performance of the Black Box Micro HD Hidden Camera or a bird's-eye view from a wireless Smoke Detector Hidden Camera, our covert video surveillance devices can help you stay informed.

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A hidden office camera is a great way to monitor customers, employees, and cleaning staff. Get the evidence you need in case of theft, or use an office hidden cam to make sure your employees are being productive. As an employee, keep an eye on your desk with an easy-to-use spy cam. Hidden security camera systems and other office surveillance equipment can range from the size of a USB flash drive to a wall clock hidden camera. Make your business more secure and productive with a BrickHouse Security office hidden cam. Office surveillance doesn't just mean putting a spy video camera around your desk. A warehouse surveillance system or a outdoor hidden security cameras can protect the larger, more vulnerable areas of your business.