Protect your family and home with hidden property surveillance systems. These covert cameras from BrickHouse Security look like everyday objects, but they are integrated with fully functional security features. Built-in cameras can be set to capture footage continuously or based on motion. DVRs save data on removable SD cards that can be viewed from your own computer. Monitor your teenager's activities after curfew, and catch criminals in the act with these hidden surveillance systems. Powerful batteries record footage for a full year, and rugged designs offer full weather protection. Easily capture activities at night with low-light capabilities to enhance your property security.

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Hidden cameras around your property can help you better monitor what you own. Covert cameras that are made to look like common outdoor items such as boulders, electrical boxes, and bird feeders, can discreetly monitor your property. These cameras can be set to record continuously or only record when motion has been detected, allowing you to be in control of your battery life and storage space for your system. Many of the property surveillance hidden cameras offered by BrickHouse Security also feature rugged designs, powerful batteries, night vision, and more, allowing you to choose the best security camera to meet your household and business needs.