If you're a sportsman, law enforcement agent or private investigator, you'll find plenty of uses for our wide assortment of optics and night vision binoculars. Choose from night vision binoculars or monoculars based on lens size and magnification capabilities. These portable, battery-operated optics enable you to see hundreds of yards in either daylight or total darkness. Night vision goggles provide hands-free viewing in any lighting conditions, perfect for anyone who works in dark environments.

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BrickHouse Security has a wide range of night vision goggles, monoculars, and binoculars for sale. Hunters, outdoorsmen, and law enforcement professionals can benefit from tactical night vision scopes; see everything happening, even in total darkness. Infrared night vision goggles are the perfect addition to any tactical law enforcement unit, and simple spotting scopes make great companions to any hunter's arsenal. In addition, using a fiber optic borescope can keep a tactical unit out of harm’s way by snaking through walls or around doors to survey a scene. A fiber optic borescope is also a great tool for inspectors and construction workers who need to see in darkened places. Augment your hearing with a wireless audio amplifier, the perfect complement to any visual surveillance tool. Read more.