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    Night vision security camera delivers crisp, clear video, around the clock.


    Night vision security camera delivers crisp, clear video, around the clock.

Security Camera Options

Security video cameras come in a wide variety of styles and form factors and include an assortment of features to ensure that you have the tools you need to improve security in your unique workspace. We offer a variety of surveillance video cameras, whether you’re looking for night vision cameras to allow you to capture footage in low-lighting conditions, IP security cameras that make it easy for you to monitor your security from anywhere, remote view cameras for easy setup and on-the-go review, and so much more.

No matter what your need, we are confident that we can help you make the best choice for your business’s security. Our team of experts reviews the latest products on the market in order to ensure that we’re offering the most variety at the most affordable price point for our customers.

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At BrickHouse Security, our team of security experts is always available to answer your questions. Exceptional customer service is one of our primary commitments and we want you to know that you can rely upon us. If you need assistance choosing the best security solutions for your business, we are here to help. Contact us today!

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Security Cameras Watch Over Small Businesses

Whether you're in charge of an office, a warehouse, or a sprawling outdoor workspace, well-placed security cameras can ensure employees' safety while simultaneously cutting down on shoplifting and vandalism. Choose from multi-camera kits, professional CCTV systems, or a few choice hidden cameras, depending on the size of the space you're monitoring, and always know that your small business is safe.

Night Vision Security Cameras for 24/7 Protection

Unless you plan on leaving your lights on all the time, investing in security cameras with night vision capabilities is the best way to protect your valuables 24/7. Our wide variety of night vision cameras includes outdoor security cameras with weather-resistant housings, indoor internet security cameras capable of streaming video live right from your phone, and everything in between.

Monitor from Anywhere with IP Security Cameras

Outfitting your home or business surveillance system with IP security cameras makes it easy to manage all of your security from anywhere in the world. These sophisticated internet cameras allow you to check in on your footage remotely from one platform. Choose from indoor or outdoor cameras, and from a number of unique features, and monitor your entire property with one unified system.

Remote View Cameras for Easy Setup and Video on the Go

Get video on the go right from your smartphone or PC without the setup of a full internet security camera system, with easy view cameras. Ideal nanny cams, special needs monitoring devices, or business security cameras, easy view cameras allow you to make sure everything is fine no matter where you are; they also record video clips so even if you aren't able to see an event live, you won't miss it.

Reduce Risk on the Road with Dash Cams

If you want extra insurance on the road for yourself, employees, or teens, in-car cameras (dash cams) are the perfect solution for you. Get a clear picture of everything happening on the road or inside the vehicle. Some dash cams even feature GPS logging software and impact sensors that spring into action in the event of an accident.

Mini Cameras Bring the Video with You

The choice of countless professionals looking to capture video on the go, mini cameras pack an impressive punch in a tiny package. These miniature devices can be affixed to clothing or hidden within other objects to ensure that you're getting the perfect shot when you need it most. Pair these tiny marvels with a portable DVR for a total, self-contained recording system that fits in your pocket.

Professional CCTV Systems Guard Your Home or Business

There's a reason people have chosen CCTV systems time and time again for business and personal use over the years. Reliable, versatile, and expandable, these systems can feature as many cameras as you need to cover as much ground as possible. The variety of CCTV cameras is immense: choose indoor, outdoor, night vision, and vandal-proof cameras, all in a variety of form factors.

Multi-Camera Kits Offer Everything You Need for Surveillance

Multiple security camera kits are easy-to-install DIY camera systems perfect for home and office monitoring. Featuring a DVR and anywhere from 2 to 16 cameras as well as the necessary accessories to set up your system, these all-encompassing video monitoring kits come with everything you need to protect against burglary and property damage.