Professional Counter Surveillance Probe and Monitor Kit
    Perform Complete Sweeps Without the Need to Bring in an Outside TSCM Specialist
    Complete scan and debug any room with this professional counter surveillance kit.

    Portable Sweep Kit- provides everything needed to perform a professional sweep; fits inside a standard briefcase.

    Multi-Functional Utility - Comes with probes to detect RF transmitters (audio and video), carrier current transmitters, and telephone bugs. Probes also available to detect for infrared transmitters, tape recorders, and acoustic leakage.

    Wideband Coverage - from 200Hz to over 3GHz with no holes or gaps.

    Monitor Mode - after a sweep, the alarm monitor (silent or audible alert) guards against new devices brought in or remote control activation of surveillance devices.

    Auxiliary Audio Input - allows user to listen to telephones or lines for "hotmikes," hookswitch by-pass and "infinity" bugs. Unknown wires and cables can be tested for wired microphones.

    Professional Counter Surveillance Probe and Monitor Kit
    Item: CPM-700
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