How to Secure Your Home as a Renter

With burglary rates marked at 85% more likely for renters as opposed to homeowners, it’s justifiable to be concerned about your personal security. For renters, protecting your home can be more complicated than just setting up a home security system that works for you as renters need the approval of their landlords when implementing more extensive security measures. However, as a renter, you still have options when it comes to your security.


Neighborhood Research

There are numerous free apps today that enable you to vet safety and security levels of neighborhoods and communities, reporting detailed crime statistics and overall ratings.


Door & Window Protection

Thieves most commonly attempt a break-in through the front door, windows, and then the backdoor. If your doors are without deadbolts, see if your landlord will install them; you can also install them yourself or seek local support from an experienced handyman.

For windows, you can install your own personal form of security that sounds an alarm when the window is tampered with, opened, or the glass is broken. With security sensors, you will know anytime someone is attempting to break in and enter using one of your windows.


Personal Alarm System

If your landlord will not install any kind of security system, you reserve the right to install your own rental-friendly alarm system. There is a market for independently configured alarms for apartments that you can leverage in your living space. Additionally, you can obtain hidden cameras that can be set-up without any wiring or oversight from your landlord. Lastly, consider the adoption of a safe to keep your valued items protected in the event that someone does enter your home.


Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance, when compared to other insurance forms on the market, is actually a great value for the policyholder, providing you with coverage during burglaries, water damage, vandalism, and fires. Spend time reading over renter’s insurance options, as in some cases, this form of insurance can also cover car theft, as well as other forms of vandalism.


Befriend Your Neighbors

It’s always a good idea to invest in the people that live within 100 feet of your property. In the event of an emergency, a break-in, or a concern, whether you’re home or away, these are the people who can step in and make a difference. Consider having a conversation with your neighbors about your security concerns, as well as any renter’s security systems you are installing.


Protect Your Home With BrickHouse Security

Here at BrickHouse Security, we’ve developed sound, strategically tested, and performance guaranteed home security for renters that can make the difference during emergencies.

If you have questions about home security for renters, we would be happy to help. Contact our team today! We are always here to help you with your security needs.