Audio Surveillance

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USB Voice Recorder Smartphone Recorder
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With impressive battery life and compact design, this easy-to-use conversation...
Key Fob Style Voice Recorder by LawMate USB Digital Voice Recording Pen
This covert voice recorder looks like a common key fob; capture important meetings or record...
Easy USB file transfer allows you to organize your audio files and transfer them to your PC...

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BrickHouse Security is a trusted partner for security tools used by law enforcement, investigative professionals, and corporate security.

Get it on Record with Audio Surveillance Tools

Audio surveillance recording devices and voice recorders are essential tools of the trade for countless professions. Having a digital record of conversations is paramount to journalists, HR representatives, speech and language teachers, and much more. Voice recorders are also perfect for college students to unburden their reliance on handwritten notes. Audio surveillance devices from BrickHouse make transferring and organizing files easy. And telephone and mobile phone recording devices are go-to audio surveillance solutions for countless law enforcement applications.

Did You Know?

Audio surveillance equipment and hidden audio recording devices have been tools of the trade for police and private investigators for years. BrickHouse Security offers a wide variety of phone recorder and wireless audio surveillance systems than can be used not just by professionals, but also by the average consumer. Our family of audio monitoring and recording equipment can be used to covertly record suspects, or to preserve an interview or conference call. Keep track of all of your important conversations with BrickHouse's audio surveillance devices, which can be an essential part of any surveillance system for business.

A digital voice recorder can also be an invaluable asset to college students and journalists. Oftentimes those that rely on handwritten and typed notes miss essential facts and figures. With an audio surveillance device, you take the guesswork out of taking notes. Our voice recorders are capable of capturing hundreds, even thousands of hours of audio, all of which can be easily transferred to any PC and organized for easy recall. A digital voice recorder is also smaller than a cell phone, making it incredibly easy to carry with you at all times. Be ready to record at a moment's notice with a voice recorder from BrickHouse Security.