Real Ballpoint Pen Featuring Secret Voice Recording Capabilities

Super Slim Pen Voice Recorder

  • Invisible Record Button
  • Sensitive Internal Mic
  • 2GB Internal Memory
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Super Slim Pen Voice Recorder
  • Invisible Record Button
  • Sensitive Internal Mic
  • 2GB Internal Memory

Record Conversations Without Detection

The Super Slim Pen Voice Recorder is a real, functioning ballpoint pen that features a highly-sensitive internal microphone for recording conversations. The secret activation switch and lack of any LED lights ensures that you can record discreetly without drawing attention to your ordinary-looking pen. The built-in ALC function allows you to automatically record level control. The built-in battery allows you to record up to 12 hours of information between charges. Easily recharge using a USB charger.

The audio recording pen device features 2GB of internal memory to ensure that you’re able to capture and store as much information as you need. To access recordings, simply connect the device to your computer using the same USB cord that charges the device. An earphone output enables users to review files directly from the device.




SKU: 007-D1377

In The Box
Pen Voice Recorder
Wired Remote Controller
USB cable

Special Feature: Discreet hidden camera doubles as a voice recorder and a fully-functional ballpoint pen.

Dimensions: 3.25" x 7.5" x 1"

Power: Rechargeable Li-polymer Battery - 12hrs recording, 8hrs playback

Transmission: Recording File Format: WAVE

Storage: 2GB memory

Service: No monthly fee

Recorder: Recording & Stop
Wired Remote Controller: Play/Play Pause/Stop/Erase/FF/REW/ Mode/Hold/Volume
Output: Earphone
Built-in Flash Memory: 2GB
Recording File Format: WAVE
O/S: Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8
PC Interface: USB2.0 High-Speed Transfer
Weight: 0lb 6oz

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