Voice Recorders

Voice recorders are useful tools in a variety of situations, from business meetings to classroom lectures. Voice recorders give you the tools you need to capture important information for later replay and review. Covert recording is even possible with devices that are designed for dual purposes and record conversations privately, such as the pen voice recorder that serves two purposes. Gather evidence or retain information easily with the portable voice recorder that best serves your needs.

  • Key Fob Style Voice Recorder by LawMate

    Key Fob Style Voice Recorder by LawMate


    This covert voice recorder looks like a common key fob; capture important meetings or record reminders with the push of a button.

  • Smartphone Recorder

    Smartphone Recorder


    With impressive battery life and compact design, this easy-to-use conversation recorder makes documenting all calls on your smartphone simple.

  • USB Digital Voice Recording Pen

    USB Digital Voice Recording Pen


    Easy USB file transfer allows you to organize your audio files and transfer them to your PC or Mac with ease.

  • USB Voice Recorder

    USB Voice Recorder


    Use this hidden voice recorder to capture hours of high-quality audio on the go.

  • 1040 Hour Voice Recorder

    1040 Hour Voice Recorder


    Optimized for telephone recording, this device only powers when you answer the phone, preserving battery up to a month on a single charge.

  • 25-Day Standby Voice Recorder

    25-Day Standby Voice Recorder


    Featuring audio activation, a discreet form factor, and a 4GB internal memory capable of storing 144 hours of audio, this recorder is great for on-the-go recording.

  • Audio-Triggered Conversation Recorder

    Audio-Triggered Conversation Recorder


    Record conversations with this high-quality audio surveillance device; can last 13-19 hours on a single charge.

  • Mic Adapter for Any Recorder

    Mic Adapter for Any Recorder


    This adapter turns any voice recorder into a telephone audio recorder.

  • Portable Voice Recorder with Wireless Mic

    Portable Voice Recorder with Wireless Mic


    Keep record of important conversations and lectures with this easy-to-use voice recorder—its separate wireless microphone captures audio at a range of 300 ft.!

  • Standard Tie Clasp Microphone

    Standard Tie Clasp Microphone


    Covertly record audio with this tie clasp microphone. Perfect for body worn cameras, recorders, and DVRs.

  • Super Slim Pen Voice Recorder

    Super Slim Pen Voice Recorder


    Discreet hidden camera doubles as a voice recorder and a fully-functional ballpoint pen.

  • Telephone Conversation Recording Device

    Telephone Conversation Recording Device


    Record both incoming and outgoing audio with this intuitive telephone recorder. One-button and voice-activated recording modes make sure you never miss a word.

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