Car Cameras

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Touch Screen Dual Car Camera Dual View Car Camera
With a host of features including front and interior cameras and a touch screen interface, this....
This unique two-direction car camera gives you a complete picture of...
Car Camera System with Built-In DVR HD Car Charger Hidden Camera
Featuring a professional DVR capable of supporting 4 cameras and a high-quality...
The car charger HD hidden camera plugs into the cigarette lighter and doubles as a charging cord...
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Car Cameras

Whether you are a fleet manager, a professional driver, or a private citizen, car cameras can provide an added level of security. At BrickHouse Security, we offer an assortment of car cameras which are designed to improve security in and around a vehicle, whether it is a personal car, a car used for a driving service, a delivery vehicle, or something else.

Dash Cams

Dash cams are useful tools for vehicle security as they can be used to monitor both the inside and the outside of your vehicle. Gathering crucial evidence can help with liabilities, insurance claims, and legal ramifications in cases of accidents, theft, or even reports filed by passengers in your vehicle.

Hidden Car Cameras

While dash cams are usually visible to passengers in vehicles, hidden car cameras can help add an extra layer of security as passengers, and in some cases, drivers, are not aware of their presence. Hidden cameras are designed to provide the vehicle owner with added peace-of-mind about the activities that are taking place within their property.

Commercial Vehicle Surveillance Systems

Camera surveillance of a large vehicle like a semi-truck has previously been a struggle for many drivers and fleet managers. We now offer truck camera systems that are designed to give drivers and managers complete views of the outside and inside of their trucks. Dashboard monitors are also available so that drivers can monitor what’s going on right from the driver’s seat.