Understanding Professional Vehicle Surveillance and Dash Cams

Our streets are busier than ever. Cyclists, couriers, Ubers, commuters, trucks, and more are all sharing the road, and while that might mean business is booming for some fleet managers, it also means there’s a much greater risk for incidents, accidents, and disputes. Whether it's taxi cabs, vans, haulers, delivery trucks, or anything else, having the fleet equipped with surveillance will ensure that every event can be properly recorded and assessed. At BrickHouse Security, we carry the SmartWitness line of car cameras, giving you a variety of options to ensure that you have the in-vehicle surveillance you need.

The SmartWitness car camera options include three different styles of dash cam, each of which can be used to greatly improve the efficiency of your business. The three options are broken down as follows:


SD Card

The SmartWitness dash cam SD card option records video and photographs to a mounted SD card. The device works as a standard dashboard camera and it allows you to review all video from the files stored on the SD card. Events of interest can be found and analyzed frame-by-frame. To review footage, simply remove the SD card from the SmartWitness dash camera and insert it into a mobile device or computer.



SmartMail is an application that communicates between the dash camera and an authorized email account via the existing 3G cellular network. Rather than reviewing in real-time, video (and other data, such as event location) is sent for later review by a fleet manager or by other authorized personnel. Triggered events can be customized and sent automatically as well so that hours of uneventful video do not bog down the system.



The most advanced version of the SmartWitness dash cam uses telematics. This device also communicates using the 3G cellular network, like SmartMail, but in this case tracking can be done in real-time. This is through the BrickHouse Security Tracking Platform which can be used to transmit live video events and real-time event tracking to a remote location. The creation of geofences is also possible, giving users the ability to set video event triggers and to request video clips on-demand. 

With any of these three dash cams, we’re confident your fleet will be in safe hands. SmartWitness surveillance cameras will increase the professionalism and efficiency of any vehicle they’re placed in, ensuring accidents can either be prevented or their effects mitigated, all while recording important events and interactions. The three dash cam option we offer through SmartWitness provide added benefits for all types of fleets and businesses.

To learn more about how dash cams can help improve your business efficiency, please contact a BrickHouse Security team member.