B-Link Secure

A New Way to Monitor

Connect Your IP Cameras Over Cellular

For Untethered Remote Video

  • No Contracts or Long-Term Agreements
  • Service Optimized For Fast Video Upload
  • Flexible Plans Ensure That You Only Get the Data You Need
  • No Service Throttling If You Go Over Your Data Allotment

Mobile, Secure Connection on the Fast, 4G LTE Network

B-Link Secure Cellular is a family of products built with mobility in mind. Connect IP cameras on the go, right over the fast, 4G LTE network. With B-Link Secure Cellular, professional investigators, law enforcement, loss prevention specialists, and more can link up their remote-view recording devices without accessing a business' network; in fact, you're able to bring your own network with you for completely untethered, flexible remote monitoring. And, because there are no contracts or long-term agreements, B-Link Secure Cellular provides monitoring on your terms.

Flexible Data Plans Optimized For Video Monitoring

B-Link Secure Cellular is designed with video monitoring in mind. With 4G LTE data optimized for fast uploads, you're guaranteed a more stable connection as well as lightning-fast notifications when your camera detects action. By prioritizing your bandwidth for video traffic, footage frame rates are kept high, allowing for the best quality HD video available. B-Link Secure Cellular features no long-term contracts or agreements and, with expandable, flexible plans, you only get the data you need and nothing more. Base monthly service for the B-Link Secure Cellular MiFi device, for example, includes 1GB of data, and you only pay more if you use more. Unlike big carriers, we won't block or throttle your service if you exceed your data allotment.

Simple Setup, Dozens of Compatible Cameras

B-Link Secure Cellular devices are ready right out of the box with no complicated installation or configuration steps. They're also compatible with a whole host of IP cameras and video management systems. Choose from a wide range of covert devices, from indoor cameras disguised as smoke detectors to outdoor cameras that look like electrical boxes. Or, choose BrickHouse Security's exclusive Camscura WiFi black box camera and hide it in hard-to-reach areas or build it into everyday objects. No matter the environment you need to monitor, there's a camera form factor built to blend in.

Did You Know?

B-link Secure Cellular technology is a BrickHouse Security offering designed to provide direct connection to your WiFi and IP cameras over a cellular network. This system includes flexible data plans to ensure that you are only paying for the amount of data you need for your security. The service is optimized to prioritize video upload, which provides high-speed remote video review. Easily connect your devices to your cellular network, giving you the option of bringing your network with you wherever you go. Setup is simple with no complicated installation or configuration, making it possible for you to connect your cameras right out of the box.

Because dozens of cellular cameras can be compatible with the system, your options for meeting your security needs are flexible. With no long term contracts required, the B-Link Secure Cellular system is your best option for short term and long term video surveillance over a cellular network.

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