Cellular Cameras for Monitoring Without a WiFi Network

Monitoring your space with security cameras is easier than ever with cellular cameras: security cameras that connect to a 4G cellular network instead of requiring internet service or a LAN in the space where they are being used. 4G cellular networks are fast and effective, optimized for uploads, and can work in nearly any environment where cell phone service exists. Monitor your space with a 4G video camera and access your footage anywhere remotely to keep track of the things that are important to you.

  • WiFi Router HD Hidden Camera

    WiFi Router HD Hidden Camera

    Use the free mobile phone app to review live footage and playback saved images and video.

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  • Camscura WiFi With B-Link Secure Cellular Camera Connector

    Camscura WiFi With B-Link Secure Cel…

    Easily stream your videos using this portable wireless camera connector

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  • Eye Trax Barrel Mounting Pole System

    Eye Trax Barrel Mounting Pole System

    Barrel mounting pole system is designed to be the calibrated height for seamless use with …

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  • Eye Trax Modular Mounting Pole Syste…

    Mounting pole for your outdoor devices, able to withstand hurricane-force winds

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  • $349.95
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  • Eye Trax Predator Wireless Camera System

    Eye Trax Predator Wireless Camera Sy…

    Ultimate security camera system's advanced features allow the camera to function continuou…

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  • Eye Trax Ranger Fixed Wireless Camera

    Eye Trax Ranger Fixed Wireless Camer…

    This wireless camera is designed for remote security and surveillance, with a system that …

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  • Eye Trax Remote 4-Way Motion Sensor

    Pre-trigger your security camera to take video and images from longer distances with this …

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  • Eye Trax Ruggedized Storage Case

    This ruggedized storage case is designed with custom, high-density foam to ensure that you…

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  • Eye Trax Solar Panel

    Compatible with Eye Trax's Ranger, Marine, and Phantom cameras, this solar panel stores 5 …

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  • Eye Trax Solar Panel Extension Wire

    Easily attach your solar panel to your security camera in a more sun-exposed area using th…

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  • Universal Camera Mount
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Did You Know?

Cellular security cameras offer the option of remote viewing without the necessity of a network connection. Instead of using a dedicated internet connection, a cellular camera operates over a cellular network, making it usable in remote locations where internet access is unavailable. Setting up a cellular security camera is quick and simple. Often cellular cameras are used in impermanent settings, such as mobile job sites or law enforcement operations, where no business networks are available. 4G cellular network connections allow users to check feeds from anywhere using a cell phone or web browser, just like you would do with a network camera. 

Flexible data plans allow you to use your camera when and how you need, and because no location-based internet service is required, cameras can be easily removed to other locations for use. The BrickHouse Security B-Link Secure Cellular technology gives you the ability to directly connect your compatible cameras via a cellular network for ongoing remote view capabilities.

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